Ye!Ship Anthology (I): Music To My Ears


[Anthology] Collection of Ye!ship drabbles/ficlets/shortfics. In this edition, pairings are YeWon (AU ficlet) and YeTeuk (non-AU drabble), with the theme of 'singing'.




1. Decided to create an anthology series of drabbles, ficlets and shortfics featuring different Ye!ships. Some are standalone, some will be accompanying pieces or spin-offs to existing fics. It's a way for me to get little ideas I have off my mind without committing them to full-length stories. 


2. For accompanying pieces, prior reading of existing fics may be required.


3. Spin-off stories are set in existing verses of older fics but no prior reading is necessary (unless otherwise stated).


4. Happy YeWon Day~ (0410)



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