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est. 2021
YUM! roleplay。
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legends: admin reserved taken tcc

actor/actress. ryuwon Lee dohyun song kang28 han sohee
aespa. karina ningning winter
astro. eunwoo
ateez. san mingi Seonghwa Hongjoong
blackpink. jennie Jisoo rosé lisa
bts. jungkook  v jimin jin RM Suga
dia. chaeyeon
dreamcatcher. gahyeon
enhypen. jake jay seunghoon sunoo Heeseung
exid. hani
Exo. Sehun kai
got7. jinyoung
ikon. dk
itzy. ryujin yeji30
iz*one. minju hyewon eunbi
kep1er. xiaoting
mamamoo. wheein
model/ulzzang. dosu yueun
jooyoung gunwoo Xiuxang Xian Sangbi yuan liu meng01 ming sejin

monsta x. im Shownu kihyun
nct. jaehyun johnny Mark haechan Taeyong
oh my girl. arin
pentagon. yeoone
red velvet. joy seulgi yeri
seventeen. joshua dk mingyu Scoups Jeonghan minghao wonwoo jun
sf9. rowoon
Shinee. Taemin
snh48. zhenni
soloist. Hanbin somi ian IU jinhyeong chungha Wonho
stray kids. hyunjin felix lee know
han in

The Acoustic. Seojin
the boyz. q Juyeon
Sunwoo new jacob

twice. momo jihyo Sana chaeyoung
dahyun mina tzuyu01

txt. taehyun Beomgyu yeonjun hueningkai soobin01
wJSN. Seola
jaehyun wishes for wjsn’s seola, omg’s jiho, dia’s chaeyeon, red velvet’s irene, gidle’s minnie and more ladies.
yeonjun wishes for myoui mina.
changmin wishes for the boyz.
karina wishes for aespa.
joy. wishes for doyoung and taeyong
johnny wishes for soloist bibi, wjsn's bona, seola and eunseo. red velvet's seulgi and nct.
seokjin wishes for complete bts and exo!

We're a Facebook based, semi-lit, closed, non-au roleplay. You're required to have a decent amount of knowledge on your chosen face claim before entering the community. Please attempt to portray your character as close to the real face-claim as possible. One account per head. Do not add outsiders. No metagaming, breaking the fourth wall or godmodding.
yum is a semi-literate roleplay and hence, we greatly encourage face to face interactions. The use of abbreviations, slangs, emojis and chatspeak should be kept at a minimum and should be strictly observed under sns tags/handles. Please show some effort while communicating and refrain from giving one lined responses.
Three days of consecutive inactivity will lead to a kick out without prior warnings. Please remember that activity isn't just limited to DP changes and status updates. You are required to show presence within 48 hours of your arrival. The admins will be monitoring everyone closely and reserve the right to remove anyone with or without explanation.
We do not tolerate face-chasing, otp-chasing, gender chasing or bubble roleplaying. Please do not limit your interactions within pre-established friend circles or to potential partners. Be inclusive, welcoming and reach out to new members frequently. Do not discuss taboo elements such as r*pe, abuse, suicide, etc without a trigger warning.
We accept celebrities who are active in Korea, Japan, and China. All muses and muns must be of age / 18 years old. No minors will be accepted ic or ooc. We're not accepting muses who have been involved in scandals, are married or have expressed discomfort in being roleplayed as. Add to your app what's the yummiest thing you've had recently. The cool-down period for character change (CC) and trial character change (TCC) is two weeks long. These can be done without a limit, but please do not abuse this freedom. TCC's are 3 days long. 
Blocking of accounts inside the roleplay is unacceptable. You may choose to make use of the unfollow or unfriend button, if all else does not work. If a drama seems to be emerging, please settle it privately. Do not ruin the atmosphere of the entire place by arguing publicly/posting indirects. The admins are always free to assist with the settlement (just direct yourselves to their inbox).Maintain separation between IC and OOC contents at all times.
We accept all ualities, relationship types (closed, open, poly, etc), moving couples and pregnancies. However, male pregnancy is banned. You may choose to adopt instead. We impose a two-week-long relationship ban. No pregnancies within the first three months of dating. Keep rated contents within private messages.
The maximum hiatus duration for semi is 3 weeks and 2 weeks for full. One can only apply for another hiatus after a resting period of 2 weeks Anyone who is sec-checked by Facebook is given two days to link the AFF base to their new account. Failure to do so will mean that their face claim is automatically up for grabs once again.
you may get blacklisted from our community if you are deemed to have done the following; (1) Caused unnecessary drama/trouble (2) Blocked a member of our roleplay (3) Left/deactivated account without notice.
how to join

Subscribe to this thread first. Upvotes are always appreciated!
Please see rules about muses to check if we can accept your desired faceclaim.
Apply with the format given below.
After we reply to your app, send your profile link to the base via DM and wait for further instructions. Please do not delete your comments.
We hold the right to deny applications.
IC Age / OOC age
GENERAL FBRP, semi-lit

member count

open and accepting!


first activity check

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do not bite off more than you can chew。
FIRST ACTIVITY CHECK OVER! Phew! Business as usual! Something's brewing in the Yum's event pot... don't miss out!
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