Severed Souls


(Words not censored in tw)

/TW: Contains violence, gore, and cursing.\ (Rated M for language)

The ancient gods feared the power humans could claim. Their powers were rivalling the powers of the ancient gods themselves, and fearing for an uprising against their ways, the gods decided on a permanent solution. They severed the souls of the humans that existed. And so, deferred from their strength, they wandered, their hearts calling out to one another as if whales in the dark sea. The gods took notice of some special severed souls, their cleft so prominent, it appeared they were the exact two opposites of each other, melding and joining perfectly together. These souls, the gods actively tried to separate, keeping them as far apart as was physically and tactically possible. While these special souls gained the attention of the gods, the imperfectly- yet so beautifully- split souls got to stay together, and that was how love still existed in this world. 
Taehyung and Namu had spent seven years together from their births, and after seven years of hiding from gaining the attention of the gods, the blissful childhood they spent together came to an end.
Ten years have passed and Taehyung, the son of a nobleman, has not been able to make any contact with the boy-now growing to be a man- across the ocean. 
Letters had been lost, time had seemed a crux while the light and life of him was across the sea, suffering but making do in whatever bare means possible. 

Will Namu, who values the gift of life so preciously, agree to live with the consequences of him choosing his other half? Will he agree to be with this one man who would raze the earth merely to agree to his whim? Would he be able to love him? Broken bits and all?

Severed souls...will they reunite even with the threat of the imperiously powerful gods hanging above them?

*Inspired by the ancient Greek myth about Lord Zeus splitting the souls of humans

If any media(Photographs, music etc) is being used in the story, unless mentioned otherwise, they do not belong to me. 

This is a historical fantasy Alternate Universe, and of course, is a Taejoon AU, with other members ALSO making important role appearances. Kindly keep in mind this is a fanfic, and an AU at that, i.e, imagination.

However, the story is my work of art, which is why reposting/copying the story is NOT acceptable. Do. NOT. Repost/Copy. Worked hard on this piece. 



This is the first time I'm trying to write an AU, do let me know if there are any ways I can imporve. Hate will not be tolerated, however, consturctive criticism is appreciated!

Hope you enjoy this work, I know I'm gonna enjoy writing the stroy hehe, thankyou for choosing to come along with me on this journey :) <333


Thankyou for picking this story to read peeps<333 hope you enjoy it ~Zio
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