counting to forever (i wouldn't mind)



“It’s still her, right?”


“You know my answer.”




“Maybe, in this lifetime — we’re also meant to be together. It might be late, but it’s better late than never, right?”


(ten years and counting sequel story)



A/N: this story is a COMMISSION by @/gray_j72 so if you think that TYAC had already ended in end (our suffering) chapter then its your ending~ its alright if you won’t read this. this is the continuation of TYAC, and a lot of people still want some sort of continuation - and then, i got commissioned to do it so… whoops, congrats to those people who were still asking for a continuation up until to this day~

also, if you haven't read the original/previous story of counting to forever - give ten years and counting a read first because if you read this without reading that one, you might not able to catch up~ just click the title of the story and it will lead you to it.

please pardon my mistake, i rushed proofreading this. without further ado, enjoy this rollercoaster ride lmfao


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