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If this wasn't karma at work for all the evil, backstabbing Bang Joohyun had pulled, then it was Hell.
Because surely, in Hell, all roads would lead to detective Byun Baekhyun.

(bc her masochistic has a not-so-slight crush on the guy for years, but really she shouldn’t, because he’s a cop, she’s a murderess, and he clearly wants nothing to do with her)



Author's Note

Usually, I would put the author’s note after the prologue, but I need to warn potential readers. Saint is the third story of the six stories in Itaewon’s Finest. You dont need to read the first two stories (Sinner and King respectively) to read Saint since Saint can still be a stand-alone story, but it makes the reading experience much better since I have included a lot of the characters from the first two stories; the conflicts, backstories, and motivations carry over as well. In addition, Saint (including its prologue) will spoil the first two stories, so if you know you’re the type of person to suddenly change your mind one day about reading the previous stories, don’t read this story first. It will take away most of the reading experience since you already know the villains and their origin stories, in addition to the plot twists. Links to the prior stories in the series are all linked below. However, if you’re fine with all that, then feel free to continue :))

This story gets a bit dark. There’s graphic descriptions of violence, torture, and gore, in addition to a scene of an attempted ual assault. If that's not something you can stomach, please don’t read this story. Characters and their actions do not in any way reflect their celebrity counterparts. Major apologies to BTS and NCT fans, but I have too many original characters and I needed to use a celebrity’s name to make it a bit easier on my readers to keep track of all the characters (especially from the other stories in the series).

Saint is already complete. I only need to edit, so I will post the chapters as I go. Apologies beforehand since I will be spamming your notifications at random intervals <33

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At the beginning of the end.


I tried to lift my head up after the second time the metal pipe smashed into the back of it, but it was too much. My ears were ringing, and blood dripped down over every inch of my face and splattered on the cold cement floor across my booted feet. I didn’t want to think about how deep that puddle was or how wide it was spreading. That was a lot of blood. Too much blood. All of it mine. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, so I couldn’t see the scattering of men around me as they took turns with fists and whatever else they could find to work me over where I was chained up to the exposed pipe above my head. I rattled the handcuffs—handcuffs that I used every day to try and keep this city in line—against the pipe, but knew I wasn’t getting free anytime soon.

The sound of a metal pipe dragging on the floor as one of my assailants moved closer to me had the last little bit of air that survived the last blow whooshing out of my lungs. The simple act of breathing made me feel like I was going to turn my insides out, so I squeezed my eyes shut as tightly as I could to keep these brutal bastards from seeing just how effectively they were breaking me with fists and metal. My body was slowly crumbling under the torturous onslaught, but my will, my drive to never let a guy like him win, would never break. I would die in this at the hands of these murderers and miscreants, and no matter how much they threw at me, how much they tried to destroy the vessel it was housed in, my bravery, my calling to keep the city safe from people like this, would never be extinguished. I would never cave, never bow down, and never let a guy like Kim Taehyung win.

I spit out a mouthful of blood, the copper tang filling and coating every raw surface of the inside of my mouth. I managed to crank my neck up just enough to see impenetrable black eyes looking at me. There was no joy in that dark gaze, no victory that he had me exactly where he wanted me. There was no satisfaction. There was nothing but emptiness, a complete void in the place where any kind of humanity should live. I had seen that expression before. My little brother’s father had worn it every day for years while he turned this city into a rotting cesspool of lawlessness, debauchery, and mayhem. It was the worst city anyone could choose to try and serve and protect, yet that’s what I did with every single breath I took. It was a crumbling ghetto ruled by dangerous men and hard women, but it was my beat and its citizens were my duty to protect. Many of them were my family and my heart. It wasn’t just my job—it was my calling. It was who I was. Itaewon had no room for heroes, but I was as close as this place was ever going to get to having one. Not that I felt very heroic currently chained up and beaten down, knowing this was the end for me.

I squinted at him through the blood covering my face, twisted my swollen lips into something that had to resemble a gruesome grin, and told him flatly, “ you. You’ll kill me before I break.”

My harshly spoken words trembled out on the last little bit of air that was wheezing in and out from my obviously injured lung and then I didn’t think anymore because another round of beating started, and now someone had found a baseball bat and the way it connected with the outside of my knee made me groan and collapse, so that the only thing keeping me upright while the thugs tore me apart was my swollen and bruised wrists where they were clamped in the cuffs that were strung up over my head.

In a bloody and misty haze, I thought I saw Taehyung shake his head, and when he spoke, the faint Daegu lilt that colored his tone scraped across my broken and bleeding skin like a million shards of glass. He was a murderer, a liar, a criminal tsunami of zero regret and no remorse. He shouldn’t have a voice that sounded soft and melodic. He should come with a tail and horns and his words should smell like smoke and brimstone with every sound he uttered. Kim Taehyung was as close to the devil incarnate as I had ever come and that was saying a lot considering that I made a living as homicide detective, chasing down demons and all other sorts of fallen beings that called my city, my streets, and my own personal version of hell home. 

The metal pipe cracked painfully along my already ed-up ribs and everything went black on the outside of my wavy vision.

I groaned even though I was fighting to keep every reaction they were eliciting from me to a minimum.

“All of this over a girl, over a city that will never repay your blood and sacrifice. Really, Detective Byun, I thought you would prove to be much more of a challenge. She made you soft. She made you weak. All of the men in this city got distracted by their twitching and forgot there was a war going on. No girl is worth dying for.”

I coughed and spit up another mouthful of blood and let my head fall forward as I gasped out a wheezing laugh.

“You can kill me. You can burn this ing city to the ground. You can do your worst to anyone and everyone that dares to call this place home, but even after you lay waste you still won’t have what you want... a girl that is worth dying for. She’ll kill you first.”

I gritted my teeth and wrapped my hands around the links on the cuffs so that I could look my captor in the eye as I bit out the stark and brutal truth that I knew would shove him over the edge.

I told him about her, who was now mine just as much as I was hers, and how she was going to bring the world Taehyung was trying to destroy down around him and bury him under it when she found out that I was gone. I got in a few more pointed digs that would drive home the point that I knew what he was up to, understood his real motivation even if it seemed chaotic and unclear to everyone else.

A tick started in Taehyung’s cheek and he took a few steps closer to where I was limply hanging, slowly bleeding to death from inside and out. He stopped when the toes of his boots were touching the blood-covered toes of my own. I felt him put a finger under my chin as he tilted my head back so that we were looking at each other. He had a gaze that was familiar in both its darkness and its madness. Taehyung came by his insanity and ruthless disregard for human life naturally. There was no getting around twisted genetics.

“Your girl?” The voice was hard, furious, and I knew I had hit a raw nerve.

I barked out a laugh that sounded more like a dying wheeze, and felt a fleeting moment of satisfaction when some of my blood landed squarely on his face. We were almost the same height, and if I hadn’t been hanging limp and broken, we would’ve been eye to eye.  

I knew how to fight just as dirty as the next guy, but what I would never be able to overcome, what would always give men like him the upper hand over guys like me, was the fact that I still had a heart. I still cared. No matter how hard this city continued to kick me in the junk, no matter how many times I had to choose between my family and what was right, no matter how many times I was reminded that I lived in a place absent of justice and light... I still cared. I still had hope. I still wanted to be a force that fought for righteousness and the small amount of good that could be found hidden in the cracks and darkness, and I still loved. My heart was protected by a monster that lived deep inside of me, but that beast had kept the thing safe while we scraped by in this awful place.

I loved my brother even though he was a criminally minded hard-. I loved my job. I loved my small circle of friends that more often than not were on the other side of the law from me. I loved my adoptive mother even though she was a lifelong drunk with no interest in ever trying to dry out... and I loved her.

She was the one I would die for. The one I would fight this war Taehyung had started for, and if this was the way I was meant to go out, then so be it. I would die for having a heart but at least I knew I was going out for a ing valiant and important reason.

“Mine.” I gave him another grotesque-looking smile as he let my head fall limply back down, my neck too battered to hold the weight up anymore. “She’s been mine since the second she flipped on Taemin and his crew. She only fell in with you because she wanted me and didn’t know how to ask for it. She thought you could keep her safe like she knew I would. How does it feel to know you were nothing to her, but a poor substitute for me? Every time you took her to bed, it was me she was thinking of. You haven’t ever been anyone’s first choice, Taehyung.”

I felt him tense up. I knew she was a sore spot, a loss that had really amped up his drive to take Itaewon down in a fireball of vengeance and hate. No way was Taehyung ever going to let that rejection and slight go, not on top of the others Itaewon had handed out to him

His hand fisted in the hair on the top of my head and my face was yanked back up, so we were once again eye to eye. Mine were starting to swell shut and I knew I was losing too much blood. I couldn’t feel much below my shoulders except for my throbbing knee and every part of my exposed skin that I could see was covered in bruises, welts, and open skin, leaking the last of my life force out onto the cracked concrete below where I was dangling. I tried to focus on his face, but it kept blurring and fading into one that looked like another I loved. The metallic burn against my split lips made me gag when the end of a wicked black pistol was sudden shoved between my puffy lips and stopped with the open end of the barrel resting against my teeth.

I saw myself reflected in the absolute void of that black gaze watching me and I knew he was going to pull the trigger.

“She chose wrong. I could have laid this city at her feet.”

“If she wanted the city at her feet, she would have put it there herself. That’s why you never deserved her, you prick. You never understood she could run circles around you in the misplaced-rage and need-for-revenge department. Only she was smart enough to know that there had to be more to life than that. I’m her more. You were just a means to an end.” The words were garbled around the pistol, but I had to get them out.

I closed my eyes and waited for it all to end. I wouldn’t beg. I wouldn’t plead. I wouldn’t waver. I wouldn’t go out any other way than the way I’d lived my life… I was going to go out bravely and there was no ing way this piece of would ever know how scared I was that not only was I leaving my brother behind in this tragic place, but I was leaving... her. When I was gone, she was going to unleash hell, and Kim Taehyung had no clue what a vengeful woman who was far more bad than good could do when she was suffering from a broken heart.



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