No One Else

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When nobody by your side, I will be there for you

When the night is dark, I will be the light to lighten you darkness night

Don't forget I'll always by your side....or behind to have your back.


Yoon Hye Jin, 28 years old is a divorcee and a mother of 4 years old, Iris Lee. His husband was Johnny Seo and they divorce a year ago. Johnny had an affair. 

Johnny Seo Korean, born in America 30 years old.

Park Chanyeol is Hye Jin's bestfriend. They been friend for more than 10 years already. 

Jung Jaehyun, 28 years old. He come from wealthy family and live in America for 8 years. He study and work at Amerika before comeback to Seoul. Working as Operation Manager at Hye Jin's company to gain more experience.

Iris Lee, 4 years old. Smart and mature than her age. Curious and very active child.

I'm back with new story. Please be kind and patiently wait for the story updated. I will try to update as often as I could.
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