Written in the Stars


Shon Wendy is a Korean-Canadian singer, song writter, she's a cheerful lady who's inlove with music... Once she said that Only a musical girl could make her fall inlove... But what if that girl is a girl, against her standards? 


"hmm... Hmmm.. Hmmm" Wendy's humming in her hotel room, chilling and enjoying her free time while playing her guitar "that hum is something..." she exclaimed. There's a music beat running in her mind for a long time now, but she never knew how to complete it and turn it into a song.

She hired lots of producers, writters, singers now but no one could help her which makes them useless to her.


She place her guitar down and started writing random words, thinking that she might finish a or start a new song but she failed... When suddenly a knock can be heard from the door.

She immediately walked to the door thinking that it might be the food she ordered.

She opened the door seeing a beautiful girl. The girl is smaller than her, white skin, pinky puffy lips, thin nose bridge and a V-shape face... She paused fantasizing for a second when she noticed the girl is not moving.

She waves her hand infront of the girl's face that made the girl points her. She looked down and saw herself wrappes in a towel.


"AHH !" 

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