I'm Your Girlfriend (Re-Write Ver.)

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The moment I entered the room coldness greeted me. This handsomely beautiful young woman infront of me, clearly does not care of my existance. Her father gave me an assuring smile. She noticed me and watched me with those emotionless eyes, her father was right. She is cold.


"Hi. I'm Yoo Jimin. Your girlfriend." I smiled or more like smirking, I couldn't help but felt excitement as she looked at me like I'm some kind of a criminal.





There's something about her that triggers my past, my head starts to hurt since I met you.

Who are you?




I can't believe what just dad did. Ugh. Why does he want me to have a girlfriend that badly? He knows my 'condition' and now he got a girl for me?! I barely know her! This is unacceptable. Tsk. But she's beautiful anyway hehe so I guess its alright and since I'm single. Pftt, I don't care what happens anymore.






"You. Will follow me." She smirked looking bossy, and I looked at her cocking my brows. Who is she to say that?


"I will teach you how to be a good girlfriend." She gave me her smile and you know what, I feel uneasy about this.


Hi guys, this story is a re-written story..

I just change all the character name but the storyline is still the same as the original story *maybe there is a little change to adjust with the character*

You guys can check the original story too, it's written by author 'xxxSoshixxxx'..

And this is the link for the original story https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1234826/i-m-your-girlfriend

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