Seungcheol-Centric Short Story Collections (Hurt/Comfort)

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Heyyy! So I was thinking of making a collection of stories with our cherry leader as main character. This is just for fun though, because I do have ideas on angsty story, but I can't dump everything on my on-going stories, it'll be too much. Hohoho.

Anyways, this short story collection will be opened for any request! 


In case you're interested to request, here's some guidelines?

1) Main character will be Seungcheol, i.e Seventeen Leader S.Coups.

2) The theme is hurt/comfort, because that's the only genre I think I'm good at... 

3) Side characters can be any members or all the members of Seventeen.

4) Story settings can be anything, idol au, normal au, medical au, mafia au, anything would be fine! I'll try my best!

5) I don't write boyxboy or , so everything will be platonic



Come talk to me here 👇🏻👇🏻

Twitter / CuriousCat

We can be friends? 🧡🧡🍒🍒🤩🤩


P/S: Request is closed for now, until further notice! 📛








(notes: crossposting on AFF & AO3)



Villain - Seungcheol X members (DaddyKwan69) 

Insecure - Seungcheol X Everyone (Kakashis_Library) 

Sick & Ignored - Seungcheol X Everyone (CrystalForest) 

Accident - Seungcheol X Everyone (CheollieUniverse)

Omegaverse - Seungcheol X Everyone (kimtemi)

Jealous - Seungcheol X Everyone (Cherryhae)

Injured - Seungcheol X Everyone (Pinkmonkey88225)

Ignored - Seungcheol X Everyone (shouizu)

Forgotten - Seungcheol X Everyone (BabyCoups)

Despised / Omegaverse - Seungcheol X Everyone (JunCute)



Pride & Prejudice - Seungcheol X Everyone (leyra_chachos)

Fear - Seungcheol X Everyone (yay!)

Pinwheel - Seungcheol X Everyone (CheeKookRryy

Trauma - Seungcheol X Everyone (CherryLai2008

Missed Call - Seungcheol X Junhao (JessicaIcePrincess


Stay tune! 🧡🧡






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