Pride & Prejudice (Part 1)

Seungcheol-Centric Short Story Collections (Hurt/Comfort) (Request Closed!)
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Requested by: Ieyra_chachos (AFF)


Hi! I'm glad you're back! Oh and can i request Seungcheol × Everyone.

There's new idol and they admired svt but they didn't like cheol as leader because of there's nothing good point from cheol. And one day, cheol and this group meet, they start throw hate things. Cheol didn't mind, so he just left them because of he having headache since last night. But when cheol comeback, svt start argument and said the same things like new group said. Cheol don't know what to do, did he like that? Or they just said nonsense? Cheol headache comeback but svt didn't believe cheol sick and think cheol just acting so they asked cheol to stop.

The ending it can be anything you want! Hehehehe.

“Hyungs! Have you seen SuperSeven’s debut?” Seungkwan excitedly asked as he walked inside their waiting room.

“Which one?” Seungcheol, who was the only one not sleeping, asked as he looked up from his phone.

“The new group that had almost all of their members trained under Pledis back then?” Seungkwan pointed out.

“Ah, Geek Music’s new boy group?” Seungcheol nodded. “I haven’t watched their debut stage yet.”

“You should, hyung! They’re so good!” Seungkwan excitedly told him. “We should promote them too! They had been saying that Seventeen are their role models!”

“Well, you know the drill, promote them wisely by using your own social media instead.” Seungcheol reminded the younger. He knew Seungkwan had always had a soft spot for new idols. Especially those who have been training under their company. Because if he had to say the truth, the starting point to become an idol is really hard, their teams struggled so much after having to delay their debut for a few times.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” A manger asked in a hushed word as he saw Seungcheol staring at his phone at the corner of the room.

“I can’t sleep.” Seungcheol said truthfully.

“I thought you worked out all night?” The manager frowned in slight worry.

“I did and fell asleep for a few hours after that. I just can’t go to sleep right now.” Seungcheol replied.

The manager nodded. It’s not that uncommon for the members to have trouble sleeping sometimes, but the leader had been having it for months. And now that they are busy with official promotions, sleeping pills will not be of any help.

“I’m fine, hyung. It’s not like it’s the first time it’s happening. My body has been adapting to the new schedule very well.” Seungcheol assured the manager.

“If you say so, then.” The manager nodded and left.

Seungcheol put his phone away and rested his eyes. He won’t be falling asleep, but his eyes need rest, or he’ll face a bigger headache later.




SuperSeven members: Sunghoon (Leader), Mingjun, Jiyoung, Hanwon, Jeongmin, Chanseok, Junsol (maknae)


“I can’t believe we’re preparing for this stage together!” Mingjun, one of the members of SuperSeven, told the Seventeen members excitedly. It was one of the special stage practices, and all the members of SuperSeven will be teamed out with a few members of Seventeen to perform.

“Yeah, we’re excited too!” Hoshi provided.

“Hoshi sunbaenim, I’m so honoured to meet you!” Jiyoung, the main dancer of the team, told the dancer and he smiled widely at the compliment.

“Don’t say that~~ You’re making me fluttered~~” Hoshi acted as if he’s shy and s booed him.

“Now, now.” Jihoon stopped their excitement. “Why don’t we go through the whole line first while waiting for the choreographer?”

“Sure!’ Everyone chorused.

All thirteen members of both SuperSeven and Seventeen took turns to go through their line and everyone clapped as soon as they went through the whole song.

“You’re so good, Mingyu sunbaenim! Why aren’t you the main rapper?” Hanwon suddenly asked before he quickly bit his lips. “Sorry, it’s a slip of tongue.” He bowed apologetically.

Mingyu just laughed, and so did the others. “We’re all the rappers of the group, Hanwon-ah. I’m in the hiphop team, remember?”

“The arrangement is good, we’re so honoured to perform this with you guys, sunbaenim.” Sunghoon, the leader of SuperSeven told their seniors for the umpteenth time and Seungkwan laughed.

“You’ve been saying that for countless times already, hyung!” Chan pointed out to Sunghoon, who was older than him by a year and they laughed again.

The choreographer walked in not too long after and the team started to practice seriously. They only have a week to quickly go through everything and they would want everything to be done perfectly.

Soon, everyone took a quick break and monitored some past Seventeen performances since they will be performing some of the group’s past hits. “Who’s that guy? He’s dancing quite awkwardly…” Junsol, the youngest asked as he pointed at Seungcheol on the screen.

“Ah, that Coups hyung. He injured his ankle, that’s why he danced like that.” Hoshi explained to Junsol kindly.

“Why didn’t he sit back?” Sunghoon asked as they continued watching the performance.

“He was trying to hide it from us.” Seungkwan answered. “But everyone could actually see it. He’s so obvious, yet he still insisted that he’s still performing.”

“That’s just how he is.” Mingyu added. “He cared too much for everyone else, and was too competitive. He even got banned from ISAC.” The members laughed as they were reminded of the memory of their leaders complaining to the person-in-charge about Jeonghan’s injury.

“Is that why you guys are not coming to ISAC anymore?” Sunghoon asked, his expression changed.

“We can, only him was banned.” Hoshi replied.

“That hyung was too full of himself sometimes.” Seokmin commented jokingly and they laughed together, not minding the agreement from the members of the other group.

They met everyday for practices after that and the members became closer with each other. Two days before the actual performance, they all gathered in the recording studio to record their voice for the performance.

“Wow, you sang so much better than Seungcheol hyung!” Seungkwan clapped as he complimented Chanseok as soon as he finished singing Seungcheol’s line for Don’t Wanna Cry.

“Of course he did, he’s the lead vocal, what do you expect?” Jihoon countered nonchalantly.

“Thank you!” Chanseok bowed in gratitude.

After they were done with recording, they went to Seventeen’s practice room, where the other members were practicing on their own. “We’re here to practice Don’t Wanna Cry and Home’s choreo. Please take care of us!” Sunghoon stated and s bowed along as the Seventeen members clapped happily for them.

“I watched your debut stage! You guys were cool!” Jeonghan told the younger idols.

“Thank you!” The group clapped in gratitude as they bowed again.

“Hyungs, why don’t we show off a snippet of our dance?” Chan suggested.

“Which one?” Joshua asked.

“The one that we’re going to perform.” Chan replied. “Home and Don’t Wanna Cry.”

“I don’t know if I could execute everything correctly…” Seungcheol mumbled from the side.

“Come on, hyung. Just the chorus part!” Hoshi encouraged them. “I’m sure you all remember.” The members agreed and got into their position as the song started. Even though they were offbeat here and there since it’s been long since they performed the song, their body remembered the move. They giggled around while dancing and even laughed as Seungcheol tripped on his legs and fell unceremoniously on the floor.

“Let’s stop here.” Hoshi stated in between his laughs as Seungcheol winced in pain while some of the members attended him.

Their choreographer walked in as they finished playing around and the SuperSeven members and half of the Seventeen members who were also in the line up got into position. All the playing around’s façade dissolved and they got serious as they started dancing to the beat.

“Oh, you guys are good!” The choreographer clapped as soon as they finished the whole dance.

“Yeah, even better than when we performed just now.” Hoshi stated jokingly as he accepted the water from the members.

“Hey, cut us some slack.” Seungcheol stated as he passed another bottle of water to the members. “We haven’t been dancing to the song for months. You guys have been dancing to it for the whole week.”

“Is that what a leader should say, hyung?” Chan pointed out teasingly and they laughed.

“Alright guys, lunch break! We’ll see each other again in two hours for the camera plan recording, alright?” The staff dismissed them. Everyone bowed to each other and walked out.




The collaboration stages ended greatly, and they congratulated each other. As a celebration of being close to each other, Seventeen decided to invite SuperSeven to their variety show as a guest which the rookie group accepted with open arms. It would be a great opportunity for them to join hands with their idols in the entertainment world.

The day came for them to record the game show and the members excitedly gathered at the recording studio. Unfortunately, DK had to go for his musical practice, so the members continued to record without him.

The whole cast fought to be the two team leaders and Sunghoon and Junsol, the leader and youngest of the SuperSeven team won the mini game and started scouting people into their groups. They played rock-paper-scissors to choose their team members and everyone was chosen, except for Seungcheol.

“Oh, why aren’t you being chosen yet, hyung?” Seungkwan teased the leader.

“Well, the kids didn’t know how good I am.” Seungcheol jerked his eyebrows.

“Yeah, we don’t!” The two leaders laughed.

“Do you know why you haven’t been chosen, hyung?” Mingyu called out. “It’s because it’s a haunted house mission, and we’re sure you’re going to debunk it!”

“Yeah, hyung! Dokyeom hyung’s not here, so you’re on your own.” Chan added to the teasing.

“Oh, is S.Coups afraid of ghosts or something?” Sunghoon asked in surprise.

Although a bit taken aback by the sudden informal tone of the younger leader, Hoshi nodded in reply. “Yeah, I thought you know. That’s why you haven’t chosen him.”

“No, I just don’t want to have two leaders in my group.” Sunghoon replied nonchalantly.

“Let’s recruit him,

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