Lonely enby for sale!


my friend is looking for people to keep them company because, i quote, they're "tired of just hanging out with the brady bunch." 


  • prefacing by saying they're pretty much strictly looking for friends and maybe a little more than that. some cute company to be affectionate with is in the cards, but definitely *not* looking for a relationship or to date in any capacity, so please keep that in mind. <3
  • they're a nonbinary lesbian, so if you're looking for anything more than friends.. please don't be a man. men, you can still be friends with them. ladies and fellow nonbinaries are more than welcome though.
  • on the plus side, and a full time student who studies their off, so replies might be sporadic at times when they're drowning in coursework, but they won't ghost you, promise! 
  • of age (but not a hag) , and would like you to be too.
  • LOVES to read, so if you're a literature nerd too? please hit them up. they're always looking for people to discuss books and book recs with. they're also a talented writer themselves, so be on the lookout for that pulitzer prize novel soon. /hj.
  • not too big of a gamer, but enjoys the sims, sometimes overwatch and dead by daylight, and a few other games here and there. can't remember if they still play genshin or not, so you'll have to ask them yourselves, haha...
  • will watch pretty much anything with you. i would say horror is a big no-no, but i think they've gotten desensitized from all the movie nights with their friends because they watched fear street of their own will recently.. so if you want someone to watch something with you, whether it's a movie, a show, or a drama, feel free to hit them up!
  • mainly fcs hoshi and dino from svt, but that is subject to change at any point in time, so don't be surprised if they have a new face suddenly.
  • they're pretty much only on discord for now, so if you're interested, feel free to drop your tag in pms and i'll pass it onto them!
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