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Jung Seol's not the kind of person to (with) her best friend's brother, who also by the way happens to be the kingpin of Itaewon's entire criminal enterprise. 

She really isn't. Until she is.



Author's Note

This author’s note serves as a warning for potential readers. King is the second story of the six stories in Itaewon’s Finest. You don’t need to read the first story to read King (King can still be read a stand-alone story), but it makes the reading experience much better if you start with Sinner first since I have included a lot of the characters from there; the conflicts, backstories, and motivations carry over as well. In addition, King will have tons of spoilers, so if you know you’re the type of person to suddenly change your mind one day and read Sinner, then don’t read this story first. It will take away most of the experience since you already know the villains and their origin stories, in addition to the plot twists. If you’re fine with all that, then feel free to continue :))

This story gets a bit dark. There’s graphic descriptions of violence, torture, and gore. If that’s not something you can stomach, please don’t read this story. Characters and their actions do not in any way reflect their celebrity counterparts. Major apologies to the stans, but I have too many original characters and I needed to use a celebrity’s name to make it a bit easier on my readers to keep track of all the characters (especially from the other stories in the series).

Both King and Saint are already complete (the two week hiatus from aff was a ing blessing in disguise since I have never written so much in such a short period of time lol). I only need to edit, so I will post the chapters as I go. Apologies beforehand since I will spamming your notifications at random intervals <33

My Other Stories

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2. King (kingpin!kyungsoo, chaebolson!kyungsoo) Jung Seol's not the kind of person to (with) her best friend's brother, who also by the way happens to be the kingpin of Itaewon's entire criminal operation. She really isn't. Until she is. XXX
3. Saint (detective!baekhyun, cop!baekhyun) If this wasn't karma at work for all the evil, backstabbing Bang Joohyun had pulled, then it was Hell. Because surely, in Hell, all roads would lead to detective Byun Baekhyun. (bc her masochistic has a not-so-slight crush on the guy for years, but really she shouldn’t, because he’s a cop, she’s a murderess, and he clearly wants nothing to do with her) XXX

4. Devil (kingpin!junmyeon, pimp!junmyeon) TBD XXX

1. To Love Oh Sehun (boy!sehun, !sehun)
It is a well-known fact that Oh Sehun is trouble, no cap. If the tattoos and piercings aren't enough, he smokes, he drinks, he parties, and he shows interest in every female that stumbles his way—literally every female—except, of course, Bang Chaewon. TBP

Exo-Related Stand-Alones
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Surrender is not an option when life puts him to his knees; Scratch, kick, carve, fight— anything to endure. XXX
3. The Havok We Wreck (bully!sehun, boy!sehun) Once Oh Sehun sets his sights on something, there’s no such thing as out of his reach. So, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or five years from now, he’s coming for me— and when he does, he won’t stop until he’s destroyed me. TBP
4. The Thing About Oh Sehun (eros!sehun, playboy!sehun) A lifetime being accidentally binded to Oh Sehun, the god of love and , would have been fine if you’re literally anyone else. But if you’re Park Jiyeon, a recovering addict and extraordinaire, then it’s a whole other ing story. TBP
5. The Art of Acting (actor!baekhyun) Byun Baekhyun has spent the better part of his acting career avoiding Yoo Hara. They have never met. And he wanted to keep it that way. XXX
6. Baby Maybe (older!baekhyun) In Baekhyun’s defense, it only took him about five years and thirty-two weeks of resisting before he found himself in bed with his best friend’s daughter XXX

BTS-Related Stand Alones
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