Beyond the Pitch

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Wendy Son is a midfielder that plays for Canada while Bae Joohyun is a defender that plays for South Korea. They only usually meet when the nation they represent plays against each other.

Everything changes when they play for the same club team.

Would they remain as rivals? Would they become friends?

Or would they have something more than a friendship?


Wenrene and football.

And lots of pining.


A/N: Had this story outlined for months. The results from this year’s Olympics inspired me to finish this. There are a lot of mentions of actual footballers, especially the Canadians. I hope you don’t get confused. I apologize in advance for any mistakes.

Warning: This one-shot has a 31k word count plus another 10k in the epilogue. Buckle up.

Enjoy the gayme!

A/N: Full story to be posted this weekend!
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We made it! Look at that bright star lol. We got featured and it is all thanks to you, my dear readers. You guys are amazing!


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0 points #1
saw on the news that sinclair played her last game and it reminded me of this story for some reason :) so i guess it’s time to re-read it again! :D
Grats on the promo!
128 streak #3
Congratulations on the bid
smarty0821 #4
Congrats author-nim!! Such a great read during this world cup. Well-deserved 👏👏👏
This is Community promoted author-nim. Congratulations!
jenwanyun #6
Chapter 1: DAAAAAMN. Just read this today and the roller coastwr of emotions is definitely topnotch. I'm not a soccer/football fan but the scenes are so vividly narrated, it made me feel like I was actually watching each play.

Thank you for this, author!!! Looking forward to reading your stories and mayhaps, what happened with their careers!!
ShinHye24 1340 streak #7
Chapter 1: So i'm here again to reread a +30k wr as soccer players? Yes, yes i am 😌
morphine007 #8
Chapter 3: That's perfect ending with... A goal, good people and proposal... Very happy ending.... 👍
Chapter 1: This is amazing!!! good story. I like how the story flow... Smoothly. This is so good!!! Not confusing although the words is monstrous. The longest one shot story I read in this platform. Thank you ^^