°˖✧ 𝓒𝓗𝓐𝓘 ✧˖° – an 18+ nonau semi- instagram-based roleplay made to serve you loving with two espresso shots! OPEN & ACCEPTING! – WE HOLD THE RECORD FOR LONGEST WISHLIST EVER! Bring us FROMIS_9, TWICE, PURPLEKISS, and MORE BABYGIRLS/MILFS! ♡


c h a i
a non-au semi- rp based in instagram
chai strives to be a safe and comfortable place for all to call home. you can never have enough love, coffee, and tea! We plan on encouraging activity and a sense of community through bi-weekly games and monthly events. we want to become a stable place that will last.
instagram based
non-au; semi-
population: 128
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comment below with this application form!
if you fail to do so, you will not be accepted.
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rules / guidelines
one: this is an 18+ roleplay with slight mature/ty themes. All members must be born in the year 2002 or before. 
two: this is a closed roleplay. members are expected to follow and interact only with fellow members. 
three: only one account per person. if it’s discovered that a member has more than one account, all will be kicked out and the member will be blacklisted. 
four: we are only accepting asian faceclaims. all must have a verified full date of birth (just the year is not acceptable). any instagram models or social media influencers must have at least 300K followers on a single social media platform. 
five: be active- a roleplay can only survive with activity from its members so everyone is expected to post once every three days and interact with other members publicly. there will be a rewards system in place for those who are active! 
six: if you are kicked out for inactivity there will be a 48 hour ban on rejoining as the same faceclaim. though, you may rejoin immediately as a different faceclaim. 
seven: cliques and friend groups are inevitable, but, please try to interact and welcome everyone. a sense of community is what keeps these places like this open and we want to do our best to foster that. 
eight: there is a 2 week dating ban upon entering the roleplay. move-in couples are allowed! Please be sure to include this in your application if you are a move-in couple. 
nine: the first character change is allowed whenever you desire, any following character changes will have a two week cooldown. temporary character changes, which last up to a week and follow the same rules. 
ten: hiatuses and semi-hiatuses can be requested as required. A hiatus lasts up to two weeks and a semi-hiatus up to a month! 
eleven: alert the base when taking a leave from the roleplay, those who leave without informing the base will be blacklisted. 
twelve: keep all posts and interactions IC. OOC matters that arise and need discussion should be done in private between the involved parties or brought to base if further help is needed. 
thirteen: do not bring problems from past roleplays. we understand that the roleplay world is a small one and you may run into people you’ve had problems with in the past. If need be alert the base and unfollow/mute the individual. 
fourteen: if you ever get locked out of your account or it gets disabled, you have 24 hours to reach out to an admin, either through aff or through dms, no message means that you have left the roleplay. 
fifteen: enjoy yourself and have fun! password is your go-to drink order. the admins will always be here to assist whenever you need it. 
how to join
one: check the masterlist and banned faceclaim list to see if your desired faceclaim is available and allowed. 
two: apply using the format shown above! 
three: wait to be accepted and follow base within 48 hours 
banned faceclaims
anyone married, deceased, convicted of crimes, or involved in drug or scandals. anyone who stated they would not like their photos used or to be ualized, including but not limited to: IU, Monster Woo, ex-IZ*ONE's Eunbi, etc. 
chaein: oneus esp hwanwoong* & keonhee & xion, ateez esp. yeosang* & wooyoung*, the boyz esp. juhaknyeon; astro's rocky* & moonbin, wekimeki esp. yoojung* & lua & lucy, purple kiss esp. dosie & goeun*complete txt, enhypen legal line, sf9's hwiyoung & taeyang, cix's baejinyoung* & hyunsuk*, wei's yohan & donghan, pretty boys & girls!!*** 
younghoon: go minsi, ashb, wjsn, fromis_9*, dia, stayc legal line*, purple kiss's goeun* & ireh, dalsooobin, lovelyz***, lim kim, t-ara, jo yuri, everglow's eu & yiren, brave girls, elris. song jieun* 
new: onewe!! 
arin: 2pm's taecyeon!*
hayoung: bts' jimin, 2pm members esp. junho & taecyeon*, more hot (het!) guys! 
dosie: iz*one legal line, seventeen's joshua* & the8, ateez's wooyoung* & yeosang*, purple kiss's goeun*, stayc's isa* & sumin, sf9's chani & taeyang, cix's baejinyoung*, wei's yohan*
songkang: txt's yeonjun*, ulzzang changha, lee dohyun, park bogum, bae inhyuk.
irene: lee soohyuk.
hueningkai: jay park!
eric: a daddy 
keeho: to1 j.you, astro's sanha, the boyz jacob* & haknyeon*, fromis_9's gyuri* & jisun!*
hansel: tiffany :pleading_eyes:
hyunjin: complete skz!
miyeon: nu'est baekho, victon seungwoo*, seventeen esp. scoups* & joshua*, cho seungyoun*, actors and models!  
zhuocheng: onlyoneof! esp. love & yoojung 
shonminho: han sohee, blackpink's jennie, jeon somi, model yoyo, twice's sana, wjsn's chengxiao, krystal, yoon bora. 
winwin: snsd & complete wayv!
hendery: nct* & wayv*, complete red velvet & exo!
seungwoo: bts' jimin & suga, kim woosung, chungha, and purple kiss.
jisoo: complete iz*one legal members!
sana: got7 esp. yugyeom & bambam, winner, ikon, and complete twice! 
cya: complete onewe!
ahin: sik-k & dprlive!
yeonjun: lee jongsuk and nam joohyuk
wonwoo: the rest of svt, gp999 trainees, snsd, aespa
bright: metawin
wishes: who do you want here?
           admin reserved tcc! taken
ace: jun
aespa: karina tcc!ningning
astro: eunwoo 
ateez: san seonghwa wooyoung30
blackpink: jennie jisoo lisa rose
btob: minhyuk
bts: jeongguk jin v
cix: jinyoung
dreamcatcher: jiu siyeon
enhypen: heeseung jake jay sunghoon
exo: baekhyun d.o. kai sehun suho 
fromis_9: chaeyoung gyuri hayoung jiwon 
ikon: june
itzy: chaeryeong lia ryujin yeji
iz*one: nako
lightsum: tcc!nayoung
loona: heejin
momoland: ahin
nct: chenle doyoung haechan hendery jaehyun jeno johnny lucas wmark renjun ten yuta jaemin29 tcc!shotaro
oh my girl: arin tcc!jiho
oneus: leedo28
onewe: yonghoon
pentagon: hongseok
purplekiss: chaein dosie
red velvet: seulgi yeri
seventeen: mingyu wonwoo
sf9: hwiyoung rowoon
shinee: taemin 
stayc: sumin
stray kids: bangchan felix han hyunjin i.n. leeknow
super junior: donghae
t-ara: tcc!qri
treasure: asahi tcc!hyunsuk tcc!yoshi
twice: jihyo mina momo sana tzuyu
the boyz: eric hyunjae juyeon new sangyeon sunwoo q younghoon 
txt: beomgyu hueningkai soobin yeonjun taehyun
victon: seungwoo subin
vixx: ken30
wekimeki: doyeon
wjsn: xiao tcc!dawon
soloist: bangyongguk bloo christianyu cl chungha dean gray jihoon k.p.p one sikk somi tiffanyhwang wonho zhoujieqiong tcc!jamie
actors/actresses: bright hansohee leedohyun leedongwook leesoohyuk namjoohyuk parkseojun songkang wangyibo wangzhuocheng
tcc!xukai tcc!frankthanatsaran
models: dashataran hansel kathyzheng siewpuiyi yoon
other: emmasong freezia hakkenryou vyvan
update to our (potential) patrons: we run on EST! we still offer KST time translations, but EST is where we’re at. :-P
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