Project 9 (Jiminjeong Re-Write Ver.)

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They were betrayed by their own country and was sent to prison in different places. But freedom presented itself when Seungwoo showed up; with mission to stop a person that will cause a war. Can the 9 girls put an end to a regime that they put their life against before they were sentences to a 10 years of prison? Or will the hatred they have for their country became their liability? Will they come back alive? They called it PROJECT 9




The Team Members

Name   : Kim Minjeong

AKA    : The Ice Cold Soldier


Name   : Yoo Jimin

AKA    : The Seductress


Name   : Uchinaga Aeri

AKA    : The Team Leader


Name   : Ning Yizhou

AKA    : The Interrogator


Name   : Shin Ryujin

AKA    : The Silent Sniper



Name   : Lee Chaeryeong

AKA    : The Kid Fighter


Name   : Shin Yuna

AKA    : The Technology Freak


Name   : Choi Jisu

AKA    : The All Rounder


Name   : Hwang Yeji

AKA    : The Explosive Addict


Hi guys, this story is a re-written story..

I just change all the character name but the storyline is still the same as the original story *maybe there is a little change to adjust with the character*

You guys can check the original story too, it's written by author 'Bluppy'..

And this is the link for the original story

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