Minayeon - 2

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Mina slightly limps back to the office she was assigned by her friend and pack mate healer Yeri with an orthopedic boot, protecting her ankle she broke from the last patrol attack from rouges. 

But the entire week feels like torture for Mina, she wants to go out and work alongside her mate, here she is ordered by their healer to be stuck in the office reading documents prevented from doing fieldwork. 

Mina slumps on her chair coming from a lunch break with a coffee and a corn muffin in hand untouched, seeing almost an entire pack of documents on her desk a string grumble escapes her lips at the sight. 

Not long after the office door opens, Mina swivels her chair slightly not able to stop her heart from beating seeing her mate walk in. 

Mina closes her eyes as her mate greets her with a kiss on the top of her head, sitting on the edge of her desk, Mina's lover's eyes twinkle upon eyeing what the Japanese brought in from the cafeteria. 


Expressed her mate in delight taking the coffee for a sip and a bite of a corn muffin she spotted on the desk. 

Mina raised a brow at her mate, Im Nayeon. Nayeon has this annoying habit so her family state, of when someone near her has food or a drink she takes it briefly, taking a sip or bite then return it. Mina used to hate it when Nayeon would sit by her unexpectedly and steal her food upon their first meet, she lost count of the times they had argued back then over that, among other things as well, it ticked Mina off, even more, when Nayeon would just laugh loudly towards it and walk away, now Mina just doesn't care anymore what love does to someone. 

"Boring day?" 

Words softly spoken with a slight mouthful taking a sip of coffee from Nayeon, Mina returns to reality after deep in thought. Mina sighs letting the papers fall back on the desk and stares at the paper tiredly. 

"A little." 

She shrugs half-heartedly while Nayeon takes another sip of the coffee, then looks down onto her lap playing with the cup sadly, and confesses lowly with a pout. 

"I miss being out with you on patrols." 

She returns the half-empty coffee cup and half-eaten muffin to its owner's desk, Mina's expression is tired and sad. 

Mina touches her mate's right cheek as the oldest nuzzles against her palm and gives it a light kiss. 

Nayeon's eyes land on her boot she lightly grits her teeth upon remembering that rogue, viciously attacks Mina out of nowhere and causes her pain. Nayeon almost lost it upon seeing that she was quick to kick him off of Mina and kill him, but seeing your mate on the ground in pain is something Nayeon does never want to see ever again. 

"Hey" Mina calls out softly noticing her wife's mood change, the oldest looks up to her lover and ends up lost in Mina's eyes as always. "What's the matter Nayeon-chan?" Mina her lover's cheek searching in her eyes, Nayeon brings down Mina's hands in hers on her lap. 

"Nothing, I'm just...just glad your safe." Begins Nayeon to say softly looking down on their joined hands, Nayeon begins to the back of Mina's hands with her thumb absentmindedly. "If that bastard ever got near your heart- I...I don't-" 

Their kind's weak point is their hearts, once that heart is stabbed or yanked out of their chest is game over, if it wasn't for Nayeon's strong strength and speed, she would have lost her wife forever. 

"Shhh, oh baby, but he didn't I'm still here" 

Mina is quick to comfort Nayeon in her arms Nayeon encircles her arms around her waist, wanting to feel her lover's warmth against hers. Nayeon buries her face on Mina's neck taking in her sweet addictive scent mixed with hers, it always brought comfort to her. 

Mina chuckles shortly upon feeling ticklish on her neck where Nayeon is now, telling her Nayeon is feeling better. Struggling to break away from the warm hug they have, she gathered enough strength to do so. Mina pushes herself away slightly and witnesses a grumpy pouty Nayeon to which Mina rolls her eyes trying to contain back a smile of how adorable she looks. 

"It'll be just two more days and I'll get this annoying boot off me." 

Mina says going back to her desk chair both of them deeply missing each other's warmth. 

"Plus we have our vacation to look forward to." 

Nayeon couldn't hold back the twinkle in her eyes about their vacation, they planned this three months ago for their third anniversary. And there are only two more weeks left it feels like an eternity, towards the oldest it wouldn't arrive fast enough. 


Says the oldest as she steals a kiss from Mina, Nayeon just smiles widely her lips upon seeing a blushing Mina, and say softly both staring into each other's eyes lovingly. 

Nayeon: Let me take you out for dinner. I can get out early I'll take you to that fancy place on the corner you've been wanting to go for a while. 

Mina moves forward and leans her body onto Nayeon, who holds her by her waist. Their lips lightly brushing against each other and say softly. 

"You dont have to Love-" 

Nayeon shuts Mina up locking lips with her sweetly, once they parted Nayeon smiles. 

"Or, you pick a movie, I can cook your favorite dish, I'll do anything you want tonight." 

Mina bites her lower lip trying to keep herself from smiling like a fool, as Nayeon just gets lost in her mate's chestnut eyes. Mina runs her slim fingers on Nayeon's dark shoulder-length hair, earning a delightful hum eyes closed knowing the oldest loves it when Mina plays with her hair. 

"I love you from the bottom of my heart baby..." 

Mina softly says to then breaks their hug going back to her desk chair while Nayeon opened her eyes and pout once again at her wife. 

"But I dont trust your cooking skills. Stay out of our newly remodeled kitchen." 

Mina reminded her while Nayeon chuckles remembering that late-night dinner, she wanted to prepare something nice for her wife, her cooking skills ruined their kitchen and food, she wouldnt hear the end of it for a few days from the Japanese. 

"Remember last time?" 

"How can I forget, you wouldnt let me hear the end of it for a few days." 

"Let's get take out instead, it's been a while, how about it?" 

Nayeon nods 

"Sounds like a plan." 

Nayeon kisses her again on the lips standing back up. 

"I'll see you tonight then." 

"Love you- be careful on patrol!" 

Mina states when Nayeon begins to leave the office, she turns around walking backward flashing her charming bunny smile to which Mina loves to see. 

"Babe it's me you're talking about, my senses are top-notch nothing will get past me-" 

A yelp escapes the bunny-like woman as she trips legs flying up as she bumps onto a body who was walking into the office, only to be Dahyun Kim future alpha of her family's pack. She is visiting their pack for business with her father and also recently is in the process of wanting to court Son Chaeyoung. 

Mina gasps cover wanting to hold back a giggle of her mate's fall, Nayeon grimaces massaging her head after bumping it onto the tile floor. 

"Nayeon-chan, you ok baby?" 

Nayeon groans a 'yes' to her mate still lying on the floor, she turns to her left and sees Dahyun who is grimacing as well on the tile floor. Nayeon eyes widen remembering this woman who attended a party two weeks ago the packs held, for the life of her she couldn't remember her name so she gave her one. 

"Tofu girl?!" 

Dahyun grimaces again this time by Nayeon's loud annoying voice ringing next to her ear. 

"God! What's with this pack's deal in being rude to their guests?" 

Dahyun stands up on her feet dusts off her clothes to sigh at the loud woman in front of her and express a blank face, Mina limps towards Nayeon to help her stand back up helping her dust off her clothes and check for any injuries. 

"Names Kim Da-Hyun..." 

Dahyun starts off catching their attention, not letting Nayeon speak. 

"Not Tofu girl. Where are your manners? 

"Meh..." Nayeon shrugs with no interest "Tofu fits u better, goes well with the whole..." 

Moves her right hand up and down over Dahyun's body earning a raised brow from Dahyun. 

"Pale skin thing you have going on." 

Mina quickly pulls down her mate's hand silently scolding her, Dahyun feels her blood boiling of this insolence woman, she takes a deep breath controlling her anger. 

"Don't you have to be stupid somewhere else?" 

"Not until four." says while looking at her watch on her right wrist "What are you doing here Tofu?" 

Dahyun just rolls her eyes patience growing thin. 

"Dahyun, and who are you?" 

Nayeon about to do a snarky remark gets stopped by Dahyun quickly dismissing her with a wave of her hand. 

"Forget it, dont care who you are." 

Nayeon raises a brow crossing her arms not looking happy, Dahyun searches with her brown eyes around but does not see who she is looking for. 

"She ain't here either..." Mumbles Dahyun to herself, her eyes shift to the couple beside her with no choice but to ask them. "I'm here in search of Chaeyoung Son have you seen her?" 

"No, and why should I tell you?" 

Said Nayeon crossing her arms looking rather annoyed by this 'tiny alpha' so Nayeon thinks. 

"That's none of your business." 

The tiny alpha throws back crossing her arms over her chest. 

"It is my business, considering I'm one of her aunts" 

Dahyun's eyes showed shock for a second before covering it up, Nayeon didn't notice it as she was being scolded silently by Mina for her poor manners. 

"By the way, didn't Wendy warn you to stay away from her sister two weeks ago?" 

Nayeon says trying to remember what Wendy said at the party that was held by that time. 

"She did..." nods with a smirk "but I ain't giving up on her that easily." 

She finishes off with Nayeon and faces Mina taking a few steps away from the oldest, which Nayeon pulls her back from getting close to her mate. Dahyun shakes her hand from her shoulder rolling her eyes. 

"Miss Myoui I was told you are closest to the young Miss Son." 

"Well umm-" 

"Has she say anything about my proposal?" 


"Has she asked about me?" 

Nayeon decides to in 

"I believe her exact words were 'what can I do to get her to leave me alone?' " 

Dahyun rolls her eyes at Nayeon getting in the way, Nayeon steps closer to Dahyun looking down at her showing her dominant side. 

"As Wendy's long-time friend I can speak on her behalf and say to stay away from Chaeyoung" 

Despite their height difference, Dahyun doesn't falter, the tiny alpha's aroma fills the room making Mina lower her head but Nayeon stays firm. 

"I've heard a lot about you Kim, I know your little operation you have going on." 

Dahyun chuckles. 

"Oh, yea? What's that?" 

"Everyone knows you dont believe in mates. You just use girls for your pleasure, making them believe there is something special, and dump them after." 

Dahyun's smirk begins to falter knowing Nayeon is telling the truth. There is no denying it her reputation is well known. 

"If you think doing the same game to our Chaeyoung, I ain't the only one you gotta deal with." 

Mina steps forward pulling Nayeon back slightly, wanting to calm her lover down not wanting a scene to happen. 

"Nayeon-chan, stop." 

Mina turns to Dahyun with a small awkward smile. 

"I think it's best if you could leave Miss Kim." 

Dahyun's lips part about to speak but is stopped by the main door opening, a beautiful woman stood by the door a bit taller than the tiny alpha. 

A startled look is shown by the new face sensing the tension in the room. 


Dahyun turns to her older sister. 

"Unnie, is father finished?" 

"Yes, father is finished...is everything ok here?" 

"Yes, yes everything is..." 

She eyes Nayeon and Mina with a fake smile. 

"Peachy." faces her sister again heading to the door calmly "Let's go." 

Before she leaves the room she faces Nayeon with a smirk. 

"You can threaten me all you want, I ain't giving up so easily. See ya around." 

Dahyun leaves the office with her sister, Nayeon sighs in frustration brushing her hair back with both of her hands. 

"I swear that Tofu chick is getting on my nerves." 

Mina gets closer to her mate clinging on to her arm to calm her down which helped, but then Nayeon looks at Mina. 

"What she means your closer to Cub?" 

Mina releases her arms and avoids the question, pushing her lightly towards the door with a nervous chuckle. 

"I don't know about that- we are all close to both Chaeyoung and Ryujin, anyways you better get going." 

Mina continues her push making Nayeon look turn her head back with curiousness in her eyes and ask. 

"Who said you closer to Cub? Im her favorite aunt. We do fun things together." 

"of course you do, but look at the time love your gonna be late for patrol. You don't want to make Uncle wait. 

"I'm cool arent I?" 

Nayeon begins to doubt herself. 

"Yes you are, go on you're gonna be late." 

"We are not done talking about this sweetheart" 

Mina stops her pushing and giggles giving out one last lip-lock with her lover who easily melts, then Mina breaks the kiss her lips crack a smile with her laugh Nayeon loves hearing leaning backward as Nayeon tries to chase her lips again and whimper. 

"See you tonight love." 

Mina said with a giggle pushing Nayeon out of the building's main entrance, Nayeon shows a goofy grin on her face affected by the kiss her mate gave her.


Greetings Once! Hope you all having a nice day! Hope you enjoy this Minayeon draft I made. 

Stay safe out there! 

Btw English ain't my first language please bear the grammar errors, and writing style.

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