Sakura's sister... or is she?
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Sarada’s POV:

Living with Pirate and doing missions with Wood-man and Sensei for the past few months had been great and easy, but when I entered the Old Man’s room, I remembered that I actually had a team with Pirate.

How could I not when they were there and looked back at me as if I were crazy since I hadn’t knocked before entering. Pirate looked at me with a bored face and raised his hand, “yo.”

“Hi, Pi- Kakashi-sensei! I forgot you had a *beep* team,” I said honestly as I scratched my head and Pirate sighed before he moved to the side a little and I could see Old Man and Ruka-sensei who waved at me.

“You’re back, Sarada! How was the mission? Where are Captain Yamato and Sensei?”

“Uh... Sensei is in the *beep* hospital because he *beep* hurt himself and Wood-man was being *beep* lazy, so I had to come instead. The mission was *beep* fine, though,” I said with a whine.

Old Man seemed satisfied by the response, though he did sweat-drop at the first half of my answer, “I’m not even going to ask about why he is in hospital. He is okay, right?”

“Yeah, he just caught a *beep* cold. He’s so *beep* extra,” I laughed to myself and Old Man nodded in satisfaction before he nodded towards my fellow Genin, making me smile awkwardly.

“Hi guys, how are ya *beep*?! Oi, Foxy, why have you got a *beep* cat on your *beep* head, deku?”

“Hey, Sara! I missed you so much, where have you been?! I thought you stopped wanting to be Hokage since you never come with us on missions, dattebayo,” Foxy anime-cried.

I opened my mouth to apologise, but Duck- beat me to it as he scoffed, “didn’t you hear? She goes on proper missions while we’re stuck here doing all the basics.”

“Actually Duck-, I *beep* train more than do *beep* missions. You’ve probably done more *beep* missions than I have, deku,” I stuck my tongue out at him, feeling an irk mark appear on my forehead.

I was really tempted to punch him when he scoffed, but Pirate had grabbed the back of my hood and sighed while I moved my hands in front of me, trying to reach the snorting boy.

“Ah, lemme at him, Pirate! He’s so *beep* annoying!”

“Opposites attract,” Pirate yawned, and I immediately stopped reaching for Duck-, turning to smile brightly at Pirate.

“No, I was *beep* joking, he’s not annoying, deku!”

“Who said I wasn’t referring to you, brat? Already taken-over my fridge, what’s next?” Pirate snorted and I huffed, realising he was just joking with me.

I shrugged out of his hold and went to Foxy, hugging him tightly, “hi, Foxy, I missed you so *beep* much, deku! Let’s go have *beep* ramen tonight!”

“With what money?” Pirate said with a raised eyebrow and I huffed, folding my arms over my stomach while looking at him with a small grin.

“My money is my money, and your money is my money. Didn’t you *beep* know, deku?”

Pirate’s mouth moved for a few moments, trying to find something to say in response to that, but then he finally just sighed and shook his head. He opened his wallet and handed me enough for two bowls before he moved back.

“Make sure to come home before ten.”

“Yes, sir!” I mock-saluted him while Foxy’s jaw dropped as he observed us and pointed at us both accusingly, “you guys live together, dattebayo?!”

“By some strange chance, yeah, we ended up living together. Anyway, it’s time to go home, because we have to meet early tomorrow to do the mission,” Pirate instructed, and I watched in awe as the three other Genin agreed quickly.

Duck- and Sakura were quick to walk off, making me awkwardly kick my toe at the ground.

“See you later,” Pirate gently squeezed my shoulders and I sent him an awkward grin, trying not to think about how Sakura had stared at me for the most part while I had tried focusing only on Pirate.

I waved, watching him teleport away and grinned as Foxy threw his arm around my shoulders and pulled me out of the Old Man’s office and we went to Ichiraku Ramen.

We both laughed with Ramen-guy and his daughter while we waited for our ramen and we’d just taken a bite when we were joined by Ruka-sensei who sat by Foxy and smiled.

“Hey, Naruto, Sarada! Mind if I join?”

“Hi, Ruka-sensei, deku!” I returned excitedly and laughed as Foxy gave Ruka-sensei a judgmental glare before he shrugged and nodded.

Ruka-sensei seemed satisfied by his answer and waited for Ramen-guy to make him a bowl while he talked to Foxy and I.

‘What is this? A party?’ I heard Juu murmur with an amused tone but ignored him as Ruka-sensei questioned how we’d both been doing.

I was already on my second bowl and Foxy was close to finishing when someone else entered the eatery, laughing loudly, “I bet I can eat more than you, sensei!”

“Sigh… we already know you’re going to win, Choji, why do you even bother?” another voice said, and I curiously looked up. Three somewhat familiar faces staring back at me with confused expressions.

“Uh? What’s wrong, dekus?”

“Talk about class reunion,” the blonde long-haired girl laughed, and I furrowed my eyebrows, wondering what she was talking about.

That’s when three other Genin walked in, one girl and two boys, whom I remembered seeing somewhere.

“Hey, guys! Nice seeing you all here,” Ruka-sensei said excitedly and moved to the further end of the seats while Foxy and I followed him, making space for the newcomers.

I still didn’t remember them but hearing two other voices talking to each other, a grin played on my lips and I watched happily as they both entered, “hi, Suma nii-san! Hi, Kurenai-sensei!”

“Oh, hey, nice seeing you here. Where are Kakashi, Yamato and Sensei?” Suma nii-san questioned, and I shrugged my shoulders, slurping the soup leftover.

“Sensei is at the *beep* hospital, Pirate went home, and Captain Yamato was too *beep* lazy to go to the Old Man’s office, that deku.”

“Have some respect for the Hokage at least!” Ruka-sensei exclaimed and bonked my head, making anime-tears stream down my cheeks as I rubbed at the sore spot on my head.

“Owie, Ruka-sensei! Old Man is my *beep* Gramps, and he is an Old Man!”

“You are crazy, brat,” Suma nii-san snorted and ruffled my hair before he sat down beside the pineapple-haired boy and hit his shoulder lightly.

Foxy laughed at the gesture and pointed at them, “oi, Shikamaru, I didn’t think you were bothered to be in a team. It’s great seeing you still a Shinobi, dattebayo!”

“Ah, whatever, Naruto. It was hard enough doing the graduation exam; I’m not giving it up yet. So troublesome,” the pineapple-head boy said.

I laughed as he yawned, but it was then that the blonde-girl asked something which made me freeze a little, “by the way, where’s Sakura? Don’t tell me she’s gone off with Sasuke somewhere.”

“They went home after a mission, but there’s another mission tomorrow, I don’t think you need to worry too much, Ino,” Ruka-sensei sweat-dropped and smiled weakly.

Long Blondie nodded her head and leaned her chin between her palms, “Choji, how do you manage to eat so much? Ramen isn’t good to eat at night, it’ll make you fat.”

“Did you just call me fat?” the chubby boy with smiley eyes questioned darkly and even I gulped as Long Blondie quickly shook her head and waved her hands weakly.

“No, I was just talking about myself. Ramen, uh, makes my face puffier.”

“Okay!” Chubby-cheeks answered happily with a sweet smile on his face, making me release a breath I didn’t realise I’d been holding.

Foxy seemed even more amused and laughed as Chubby-cheeks innocently thanked Ramen-guy for his food and grabbed the chopsticks, “ittadikamasu!”

“By the way, this is *beep* great and everything. Like you said, a *beep* class reunion and all, but I have a serious *beep* question,” I said slowly after everyone had received a ramen bowl and dug in.

Foxy turned to me and rose his eyebrow, followed by the others including Suma nii-san and Kurenai-sensei, “hm? What is it?”

“Sorry, but, who in *beep* Konoha are you dekus?” I questioned with a serious tone and there was a momentary silence as everyone looked at each other unsurely.

 Suma nii-san, Kurenai-sensei, and Foxy burst out into laughter while the others anime-fell out of shock, “nani?!”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t *beep* recognise you guys at all,” I said, quite honestly, because even though I felt like I’d seen them before, I couldn’t for the life of me remember them.

It seemed to amuse Foxy even more as he punched my shoulder, “yah, don’t you remember them, dattebayo?”

“Would I be asking if I *beep* did, deku?” I anime-cried and guessed I deserved the bonk Ruka-sensei landed on my head. After getting over the initial shock, he cleared his throat and stood up, gaining my attention.

“These would’ve been your classmates since the start of Academy. See, they’re Team Ten, Asuma-senpai’s students, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino and they’re Team Eight, Kurenai-senpai’s students, Shino, Hinata and Kiba. You got that?”

“Uh, sure, deku,” I sweat-dropped and laughed nervously as Ruka-sensei face-palmed and shook his head probably out of disbelief.

“Anyway, ignoring that, this is *beep* fun. It’s *beep* nice meeting you dekus. You all seem *beep* great!”

“Aren’t you going to introduce yourself properly? I barely caught your name that day at Academy,” the red-streaked cheeks boy yawned.

I opened my mouth to greet them, but then I saw a dog sat on the boy’s head under his hood, “wow, is that a *beep* dog?!”

“Yeah, his name is Akamaru, he’s my ninja pet,” the boy explained, and a grin shone on my lips as I put up both of my thumbs, “wow, that is so *beep* cool! He’s so *beep* tiny! Hi, doggy!”

The dog, however, ignored my cooing and barked loudly as I tried reaching to touch his fur, making me anime-cry on the floor while the others laughed at my unfortunate predicament.

“Dog-boy, make your doggy be nice to me, deku!”

“Akamaru is nice,” Dog-boy insisted, but I huffed and pouted, obviously not believing him while the others snorted.

‘He can sense me, that’s why he’s being like that. Good thing too, I hate dogs,’ Juu slowly said and yawned, making my eyes widen before I frowned and folded my arms, ‘hmph, what a *beep* jerk!’

“Guys let’s go eat ribs. My treat,” Ruka-sensei randomly stated, and my mouth immediately watered at the thought.

The others seemed just as excited as me and after we’d said goodbye to Ramen-guy, we all walked together to a nearby barbecue, which was occupied with only three men, whom I immediately recognised.

I opened my mouth to call them out of excitement, but someone else had beat me to it and I watched in awe as Long-blonde, Pineapple-head, and Chubby-cheeks rushed over to the men and hugged them.


“Oh, hey guys, we just returned from a mission and got together. You guys are having a get-together too?” Cho-san asked and greeted Suma nii-san with a short bow before he turned, and paused, looking at me in surprise.

“Ah, Sara-chan? Are you friends with our kids?”

“Hi, Cho-san! No, but we’re eating together,” I shrugged it off and grinned as he nodded and ruffled my hair before Shika-san and Ino-san greeted me with waves.

“Do you know our tou-chan?” Long-blonde wondered, and I nodded, grinning brightly, “mhm, met them *beep* years ago!”

“Oh, cool!” Chubby-cheeks said, and I nodded happily again before I turned to Foxy who’d gone and sat with Ruka-sensei and the others in an empty booth.

I bowed to the trio and followed Long-blonde, Pineapple-head and Chubby-cheeks to where the other Genin were sat.

I’d just about placed a hot piece of meat in my mouth and tried not to burn my tongue when I felt a hand on my back and sensed someone sat right behind me, crouching on the top of the seats.

“Ahh, *beep* monster, deku!”

“Hey, Kakashi, did you come to ha

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