Sakura's sister... or is she?
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Asuma's POV:

We had all been at the Senju residence for a few hours now, and the daylight had given way to the beginning of evening, but we were nowhere near done. 

I lit up a cigarette and had just inhaled deeply when I heard a crash behind me and turned in surprise, eyes widening when I saw Kurenai scratching her head and staring down at a box which had spilled.

"Are you okay?"

"Huh, yeah, I'm good," Kurenai smiled and then crouched down, picking up the box and filling it back up with the items scattered around. I puffed my cigarette again and grinned, leaning down to help her while she just blushed and smiled at me.

"Hawk hawk!" a crow screeched from near the window of the attic, catching our attention.

We froze and exchanged glances, looking up when we heard footsteps, seeing Kakashi, Gai and Tenzo enter with their own surprised expressions, "it's already that time of year, huh?"

"I'll look after things here, you all should go and check it out," Tenzo suggested while shooting a glance at the crow who flapped its wings and then flew the opposite direction. We all agreed with Tenzo and grabbed two boxes each, padding down the staircase where we could hear chatter and laughs all around.

"Ah, by the way, Tenzo, did you want me to make a special recommendation regarding Sara?" I heard Kakashi ask Tenzo and glanced up to see Tenzo shaking his head in disagreement, "I consulted with Hokage-sama and Sensei, they both said no."

"Right," Kakashi sighed, and I could imagine he was thinking of how he was going to explain to Sara that she wouldn't be partaking in the exams. We finally came to a stop in front of the kitchen where I could hear two voices which made my eyebrows furrow.

"Ey, Pineapple-head, your kaa-san really gave these?! They smell great!"

Whatever it was, I agreed, it smelt delicious. We all exchanged confused looks and entered the kitchen, eyebrows furrowing as we saw Shikamaru and Sara crowding around a tray of what looked like yakiniku with a range of dipping sauces.

"Hey, Sara, we're going to meet the Hokage for official business now. Will you be okay here?" Kakashi asked and Sara turned before she nodded, a wide smile on her lips, "uh-huh! Chi said he was hosting a party, so everyone come tomorrow!"

"Sure," we agreed with a light smile and were about to turn away when Sara suddenly locked eyes with me and smiled innocently, "but, Suma nii-san has to bring a plus one."

"Huh? What do you mean?" I almost choked on my spit with the way she was grinning knowingly and waved away her expression, "I don't know what you're talking about, haha."

"You're *beep* dating Kure-"

"And that will be our cue to leave!" I interrupted, sure my cheeks were bright red while Sara just burst out into laughter and the other Jonin hid snickers behind their open palms. I huffed and teleported away to the Hokage's office, ignoring Kakashi's amused expression in my direction.

"Ah, glad you could make it, uh... what's with that face?" Hokage-sama rose his eyebrow at me but I shook my head with a low huff and glanced at Kakashi who ignored me by burying his face deeper into his book.

I already knew he told her, who was he trying to fool?

"Right, anyway, we need to put forward your recommendations for the Chunin exams. Start with Maito Gai."

Sarada's POV:

"Oh, did Kurenai and the guys leave?" I heard Chi's voice question and turned to nod at the older who had entered holding bags of Ichiraku Ramen. I grinned and grabbed the bag before he could move and snickered when he just sighed and went to call the others.

"Rada, your friends are so weird!" Ki's voice cried in frustration and I blinked as I opened the ramen box and picked up the chopsticks, fully intending to eat. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance as Ki glared harshly, grabbed my bowl and snatched my chopsticks as he sat down.

"Oi, you *beep* do you want to *beep* die?!" I huffed, pulling at his hair and he growled, lifting his hand to obviously punch my head but Suke had walked in and glared at both of us with an unimpressed expression on his face, "stop it, your friends are coming down. Behave."

"Yes, otou-sama," Ki rolled his eyes and I snorted but looked away when Suke sent a challenging look. I hid a grin and turned back to grab another bowl for myself and sat down, ignoring Suke's raised eyebrow. Ki burst out into laughter and Suke just sighed and set the table with the rest of the bowls we had left in the bags.

By then, Chi had returned and was followed in by the others, but Foxy-boy was the quickest to rush in front of the ramen and thank us in a loud voice. "Ittadikamasu!"

"Eat up!" Chi smiled at everyone else as they sat around the table and I smiled brightly as Pineapple-head slipped into the seat beside mine and sent me an awkward smile. Weirdly enough, Candyfloss and Long-blonde refused the food and plainly stared at Ki with the weird pink heart eyes again.

"Wow..." they both drooled and everyone stared at them in concern while Ki face-palmed and continued eating. Unfortunately, both continued and Ki huffed in annoyance but then his attention was taken by Sensei who entered with a sigh and then paused in confusion as everyone turned to stare at him.

"Sensei! Where's Captain Yamato?" I wondered since he didn't have anyone behind him and Sensei slowly took a seat while drying his hands before he replied almost cautiously, "Yamato-senpai wanted to talk with Hokage-sama so he left earlier. He did tell me to remind you for tomorrow, though."

"Of course," I huffed with a pout and Sensei smirked before he glanced at the number of people staring at him and then sighed. He went over to Ki and sat beside him, the blonde-boy nodding his greeting and exchanging a fist-bump with him. 

"Ey, Sara-chan, aren't you gonna introduce us?!" Foxy suddenly interrupted and everyone paused in taking their bites to look over at me while I tilted my head in confusion. It was then that I realised who he was referring to and I laughed, nodding my head, "sure, deku!"

"They're Daichi, Daisuke, and Dai- uh, what's *beep* with you?" I sweat-dropped as I turned to Daiki, and saw the teen sat in a corner, blue lines of sadness going down his face. Candyfloss and Long-blonde seemed to be sweet-talking him, though, and I'm sure I heard them mention 'cute' which made Daichi, Daisuke and myself laugh.

"Girls," Sensei rolled his eyes with an unpleased huff and Daiki nodded his head in agreement while I leaned over to smack his thigh, ignoring his glare directed at me, "that *beep* is Sensei, he's my teacher along with Captain Yamato."

"Isn't Kakashi-sensei your sensei? That would make this guy... your boyfriend?!"

If it hadn't been for Pineapple-head smacking my back, I actually would've choked. I turned to Long-blonde in disbelief and a red face, "huh? What the *beep* you *beep* talking about?!"

"Isn't he? You're always with him, no?" Candyfloss interrupted in a confused voice and this time Sensei spoke up, his tone full of disgust, "just because we are together everyday- we don't hang out alone! Yamato-senpai is always there! Also, it's for training. Training purposes only! Don't make your own things up!"


Thankfully, after that, Long-blonde and Candyfloss collectively decided not to bring that topic up again and went to eating while Daiki tried not to choke from laughing so hard. Daisuke told him to shut it, though, and the rest of

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