Stardew Haven - The small town you will consider as your home! Reservations Open, [02/20 Slots Occupied :: ]


A Kakaotalk-Based roleplay inspired by the many farming games I played this pandemic-


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Stardew haven
— about us.
stardew haven is a small town located on an island. it is the home of residents who never left the town or are returning to it, it also offers a home for those running away from the bustling city. 
p.s. we finally have internet!
— updates.
09/24 - reservations open!
— events.
harvest festival - october 15 to 17
pumpkin festival - october 29 to 31
— rules.
O1:  Please read and follow the rules. this is a , kkt-based roleplay. please be 20+ along with your chosen faceclaim.
O2:  let's be respectful and nice,  triggering contents will be posted accroding to what each and one of us will state as so.
O3: please separate ic and ooc, make sure to use brackets when chatting ooc-things on ic-chats.
O4:  secret chat will be used as the nsfw chat. password is your kkt id + year of your birth.
O5:  let's do our best to include everyone, yeeet!
O6: mpreg is allowed, but a limit of 2 kids per couple/throuple/n-couple.
o7: let's minimize drama, again i will emphasize the triggers list!
o8: any concerns, please bring it up to joshua or the mayor. 
- roles
▪︎ runaways (0/5) - those who are newcomers to the island, may live in the inn or have part-time jobs.
▪︎ residents (2/15) - long time residents of stardew haven or had relatives. may own shops or houses. 
— featured members.

POPUlation: 02
— how to join.
O1: be at least 20 years of age! both you and your faceclaim ♡ male faceclaims only.

O2:  please fill up the details below and send a private message

  FAceclaim and group


O3: comment down - "I applied for (faceclaim) as (role)."
o4. please wait for a message from the mayor ♡
— masterlist.
seventeen. joshua. 
SOLOIST. Wonho. 
— wishlist.
name. wishes for ...
name. wishes for ...
name. wishes for ...
name. wishes for ...
name. wishes for ...
name. wishes for ...
name. wishes for ...
— couplelist.
wonho x joshua

eren x mikasa

eren x mikasa
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