Old Love

Your phone buzzed as you looked down at it. You hear a sigh and look up at your boyfriend Chad. 

“So you’re just going to keep texting your ex to check on the kids all night?” You looked at him annoyed.

“What?” You’ve been dating Chad for 2 months now and it’s been wonderful except for the comments coming out his mouth today. 

“I’m getting annoyed with you always putting your kids before me.” He pulls the car over and looks at you as you couldn’t believe what he just said. 

“Are you serious? It’s my kids. I know sometimes they get in the way of our dates but they’re my kids.” 

“Yeah and I’m honestly getting so sick and tired of it. It’s either me or them.” You scoff at what he just asked you. You look down grab your bag and open the door. 

“F- you.” You say as you get out and slam the door. He doesn’t wait a second and just speeds off. You laugh confused as to what just happened. You would never throw your kids away for a man. Especially one that made you choose. You look down at your phone and call your best friend. 

“Can you come pick me up?” You asked as she answered the phone. 

“Aren’t you out with Chad?” She asked confused. You laughed and shook your head even though she couldn’t see you. 

“He left me out on Main street.” You said as you heard her keys jingle on the other end. 

“I’m on my way.” 


“What a jerk!” Your best friend Bora says as you told her what happened. 

“Tell me about it.” You said as you reached your apartment. 

“Honestly at least he showed his true colors now.” 

“Yeah.” You said as she reached your apartment. It was hard being a single mom of 3 kids and dating. 

The reason for your divorce was just him not having enough time for you and your family. He always put his work before you guys and after your youngest turned 1 you couldn’t do it anymore and decided to get a divorce. You didn’t care about the fame just for someone to be there with you every day and he never was. It wasn’t his fault, you knew from the beginning how busy he was and loved him so much that you looked passed it. You still did love and miss him but it being alone and raising three kids without him by your side. 

You feel Bora’s hand on your arm breaking you away from your thoughts of your ex. 

“You want to go out? The kids are with (B/N) so you’re free.” You look at her and shake your head. 

“I’m fine. It just not being able to find someone that will accept me and my kids.” 

“Don’t give up. Someone will.” She says grabbing you into a hug. “Someone will.” She says again. 

“I hope so.” You say as you let go. “Thank you for picking me up.” You say and she glared at you. 

“You know I’d do anything for you.” She says and you give her a smile. 

“Thank you.” You say as you get out the car. “See you tomorrow at work.” You say as she waved bye. 

“Call me if anything.” She says and you wave back. “Love you!” 

“Love you too!” You say closing the door and walking to your apartment. You open your bag and pull out your key once you reach your door. You weren’t upset that he was a jerk, you’ve spent 4 years trying to find a replacement of your ex and you couldn’t. Your phone starts ringing as you entered your apartment it was 8:15pm. As you looked at your phone your ex’s name pops up. You slide and answer it. 

“Hey.” You say as you answer it taking off your shoes at the door. 

“Hey! Is it a bad time?” 

“Nope I’m free.” You say as you walked through your apartment. “What’s up?” 

“I know this is going to sound crazy but you know how Evelyn’s been wanting us to go on a family trip for her birthday to universal?” 

“Yeah?” You say confused at his question. 

“Do you want to spend her birthday week in Florida?” 

“You know her birthday is in two weeks right?” 

“Yeah. If you say yes then I’ll just take off that whole week. It hasn’t been super busy.” 

“Yeah that’s fine with me. I just don’t want you getting in trouble.” You say as you took out pjs. You put the phone on speaker and leave it on your dresser as you changed. 

“No I need a vacation to be honest. I’m not sure if you need one too. You’re always working hard.” You smile at his cuteness. 

“Yeah I need to get away.” You say laying onto the bed. 

“So should I book them tonight?” 

“It’s ok I got mine…” He cuts you off. 

“No I’m paying for yours too.” 

“(B/N) you don’t have to I got it.” 

“No.” He says and you stopped. “We’ll just stay at the vacation home in Florida.” You guys bought a vacation home in Florida for the summers but it was mostly you and the kids that ended up using it not your ex. 

“Ok.” You say as you slowly start closing your eyes. 

“Ok I’ll have everything set by tomorrow.” 

“Ok let me know if you need anything.” You said knowing he didn’t have all the documents for the kids. 

“Ok I’ll drop the kids off tomorrow at 5.” 

“Ok I’ll see you then.” You said as you slide the phone down and locked it. You then placed it on your nightstand and closed your eyes thinking why did you agree to go on vacation with your ex.

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