Alter Ego

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A woman (Moonbyul) who thinks of killing herself is transported to different realities without knowledge of it happening. She starts to wonder whether or not her thoughts are herself or whether she is the culmination of difficult situations. Jung Wheein, a young "anomaly" searches for a replacement for her cousin Moonstar.



This is a compilation of unfinished angst fics I've written, tied together with short chapters titled "Alter Ego" and "THE REAL..." 

If you're wondering about my ongoings, I'm in school so they're on hiatus. This is already written. I'll give it to you like this. Also there are typos. U know me. Ifi see it ill fix it :p I do see the original names of the fanfics are in the chapters... it's okay.... it's "intentional" ;)

This is literally a dump of angst fics, but I'll tie them together using "Alter Ego" chapters and some edits. Thank you for showing interest!
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