Alter Ego (2)

Alter Ego
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The thing that happened next in my mind was unfortunate.I wondered how I could take her kindness and interest in my and use it to hurt her. I started by telling her about these books I read. These books were short glimpses into what must have been my life a couple times over. I know she wont be careless to wonder why I'm here or why I'm in these books. It's not that my name, MB, is written. It's that I see myself, so she must see it too. 

And it has always been like this. She doesn't already see me. No matter how she acts towards me or how I act towards her, she is always just kind. 

"Who is she?"

"Hmm? Who? Ah... Well I'm right in front of you. Let me ask you, do you see me as crazy? Loveable? Do you wonder what's in these books that I see in myself?"

"I do wonder it. Don't you worry about getting back to your life?"

"... I don't know which life is my life. All of them end in a restart. The books all end the same way."

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This is literally a dump of angst fics, but I'll tie them together using "Alter Ego" chapters and some edits. Thank you for showing interest!

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