Alter Ego (1)

Alter Ego
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I would rather speak half my mind than feel as though I’m in my body. But that begs the question, are my thoughts confined to my brain, or can they truly travel places where my body is not?


I’ve spent hours begging to vocalize the thoughts in my head but they only come out in fragments. When they are where they’re created, they are whole and carry more meaning that I have in the fat on my legs or arms. If I got rid of my body entirely, would my thoughts still be whole? 


I woke up in what looked like a foreign bookstore. The majority of  books were not in Hangul or even Roman, but they were Japanese. I tried to recall such a time where I’d studied this language but then realized there was none. Like a fleeting memory, I had nothing to remember and only the urge to do so. 


This would be the culmination of my existence for as long as I can recall. The world was not in black and white literally. My clothes were my own because they were on me, and I had no preference towards this black shirt that spelled “SWFS” more than I would any other. My jeans were black and tight fitting my legs. My brown hair was braided and laying carefully on my back so as not to disturb me. 


I didn’t find these things weird because I had nothing to go off of. But for some reason I couldn’t accept it. So I went to the books and picked up whichever one was closest. It was in Japanese

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This is literally a dump of angst fics, but I'll tie them together using "Alter Ego" chapters and some edits. Thank you for showing interest!
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