Alter Ego
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[Two Months Ago]

Byul sat in her office watching the clock tick by. It was 10 minutes to Twelve, when she usually left the site. Today she had a particular reason to stay. That reason being, it was her birthday the next day. Every year since she worked at the SCP facility, her favorite subject would send her a message on her birthday. Just as a way of saying thanks. Byul secretly anticipated it because the messages were always something personal. But to her boss, it was a way of figuring out how they could learn that information. She sat in her lab coat waiting for it to arrive. She almost wanted to take a Tylenol in anticipation, but that would disturb the results.


When Byul finished university she felt clueless about what to do with her diploma. A research degree from a small school in the country didn’t mean much to her. Her heart wasn’t in research, but she didn’t know what it was in. So she studied decently through it without really knowing what the point was. To study deeply a topic of her choice? If she had to pick kone, it would be herself.


Byul had limited memories of the town she was from. Her mother always told her it was because of a trauma, something Byul wanted to address but was never allowed to. That almost drove her to study psychology, but an ability she had swayed her from the hard work. When she was going to school, she would often meet with many pretty ladies to spend a day with them, but it never worked out. It was always because Byul would know everything they thought of her, from her bright white hair to their insecurities about her popularity. It always made Byul feel no need to engage in conversation. Because she preemptively knew how it would go, and felt no need to pursue it. When she asked her mom, again she heard it was related to the trauma. If it were a lie, Byul would know. But it wasn’t. Nevertheless, she believed having to hear the thoughts of people she would examine if she went into psychology was too daunting.


 So she studied the effects of trauma on the brain in college and won awards and scholarships for work she felt she didn’t do. She described in a paper once life being an out of body experience. “There are few people who find that they know something about everyone. Even if they don’t see them. Even if they don’t know what the thoughts entail. If you’ve known them, then you’ll hear them.” That was when she was approached by a research director at a facility Byul had never before heard of. He proposed to her he would train her to study further on the very topic. The power of life in between the air and the things we see. “It sounds ridiculous,” she thought. 


Without reason not to, she accepted the strange man's offer and he began to mentor her at this underground facility. He taught her how to speak to people and conduct tests to feed her knowledge more. Eventually she earned a badge and key card, as well as an onslaught of strange cases she didn’t know would be possible. It was a new site in Korea, the first actually. Anomalies that could erase matter in milliseconds, children with powers they couldn’t control. All right down the hall from her bare office. The more she worked under him, the more she felt a connection. A connection that made her feel like she couldn’t leave. It had been years since she joined them, seven to be exact. And nowadays as a senior she worked with humanoids, having taken a liking to it as she used her ability. 


This is the ability she used to speak with SCP 4171995. A 26 year old woman who had been at the facility as long as Byul. Byul had picked up her case as the first humanoid case she would research. Jung Wheein was her name. She thought Wheein was an interesting girl, and brought her a new project she had been working on for years. Byul had just missed how Wheein was found by the Foundation, but that information was kept secret as they built a rapport. Wheein had the ability to hex and travel to different places with her mind. It was like she could retrieve physical items with the help of nothing. Her mind could also mimic telepathy, but so far it had only worked on Byul. Truly an anomaly.


The clock struck twelve, and Byul’s head began to pound. 

“Wheein-ah!” She groaned. She quickly took out her notepad and wrote on it the message she would receive. It hurt, but when she heard Wheein’s voice she felt comforted. It was somewhat familiar, but at the same time not at all. 


“From Ahn Hwasa to BYUL MOONSTAR” the voice said. It was reminiscent of someone speaking underwater. This isn’t how it usually sounded. It made Byul distressed but she focused on writing without thinking. 


“You witches, 


And Your entitlement, 


Your need for opulence, has cursed me


For you cannot be omniscient”


The words were spit out with such venom and base. It wasn’t a kind message at all, it sounded vengeful but it also sounded unfinished. Byul felt her heart punch upon hearing it and she wondered what it meant. The physical pain stopped but Byul could tell Wheein was still between the air.


“Ahn Hwasa… Peace Bright, as I’ve translated it…” she whispered to herself. She knew it was a name, but this person, she’d never met her.


“Wheein, that’s not really a birthday gift now is it,” she said sarcastically, sounding more disappointed than ever. Byul stood from her desk and walked over to her chest. The lock had a symbol on it with the letter M connected to a crescent moon, and stars in it. She assumed it was customized for her. Her name was “Moon Byul Yi” after all. But one day it just appeared in her room. She wondered whether to submit it to the academy for further examination but held back all this time. She opened the lock and took it back to her desk, carefully opening the small chest and taking out the seven other parts. 


“So Wheein, tell me where this goes. It’s the shortest you’ve ever given. And try not to make it hurt this time please,” she warned playfully. She had become quite good friends with Wheein, but today it seemed more urgent. A lot of the notes were intense but usually it wasn't left that way.


Her head hurt again but she got a sense to put it with the second note. “‘The Unsent Letter’ huh? You told me a long time ago Wheein, but are you sure these are real? You still won’t tell me where you get them from.”


“They’re real.” It almost sounded like scolding to her ears. But that’s where the response ended. “Alright. I suppose if I’m following this story I’ll be on my own from now on. You’ve given me a lot to work with, Wheein.”


It was still for a moment until she felt the faint pain once again. “You still don’t believe it.”


Byul sighed. These “letters” as Wheein called them were real, but Byul had assumed that to mean from another universe. Those existed, Byul had seen them with her own eyes. But she didn’t see how it made sense that any of these things actually happened. 


“You just need to find your side.”


“My side?” Byul inquired. It was true, many letters addressed to a BYUL MOONSTAR but none from herself. She wrote notes in between each letter about what might have developed in that time, but none of it was reliable.


“I’ll show you where I found them. I think you’re ready.”


Byul rubbed her temples. It was all intriguing learning about what she was up to in another universe, but she worried it would lead to her being tricked again. Wheein was the only one who never tried to leave the Foundations custody. In fact, Wheein expressed she couldn’t until she finished this task. That’s why she wrote at the top of each page as a grounder, “you don’t know the truth. Neither does she. Not in this universe.” She sat back at her desk and pulled out a new page of her notepad.


“Okay. Tell me where.” She waited until her head got a sharp slap like pain.


“As you know, I can’t leave this cell. I’m bound to it. You don’t have to write that every time.” 


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Just go ahead.


Byul left the Foundation that night and took her notepad and notes with her. She told Wheein she would visit the address the next day, something that wasn’t a lie, but she knew Wheein wouldn’t believe her just by thinking about it. The two argued in the car ride to Byul’s apartment before Byul took something from her briefcase. 


“Please don’t, not while you’re driving, Unnie!”


Byul shrugged it off and used her knee to drive down the empty road. She opened the childproof bottle and took out two anti stimulants. The only things that seemed to work to stop Wheein’s telepathy, this figured out through tests Byul volunteered to do her first year. It did nothing to Byul’s ability though, which is why she always took just the right am

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