Alter Ego (3)

Alter Ego
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Then Yongsun stayed with me and we read a lot more. I found myself not wanting to look bad amd ruin the image of whoever she knew as Moon Byul Yi. She said that sometimes the person I called Byul sounded nothing like the one in Orange Voice. Sometimes it sounded like Byul but grown up. Sometimes it sounded more like Yongsun herself. I didn't know what to make of it. I didn't feel any closer to myself, but set Orange Voice aside for deeper reading. 

She started looking around this bookstore herself and I let her choose the next story. It was only at that point I noticed Yongsun was wearing the navy school uniform from when I was in school. She really was straight from the book. Anyway, she picked up one of the thickest books and examined it before slamming it on the desk. 

"Ugh! It's so dusty in here! Wait... you don't have any windows?"

"No.. I never thought of it. I don't own this place."

"I see... it's okay. Let's light a candle. It's gotten a bit dark."

She lit a candle and the light made her face a bright golden color. "You're going to read it to me?"

"Can I? We've been look for your story forever. You only ever pick from the drama section, lets pick from sci fi this time."

"I... fine. Where did this book even come from?" It was white in color, and the pages looked slighhtly aged. It didn't seem like it was published. 

"It was on ther shelf." She shrugged it off and opened the book eargerly, the book letti

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This is literally a dump of angst fics, but I'll tie them together using "Alter Ego" chapters and some edits. Thank you for showing interest!
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