Alter Ego
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By now you've read a lot of these stories with me. See how none of them necessarily end? My take is that in each of them the only thing that dies is the main character. Yet, the main character changes after each "ending"... What do you make of this? What do you make of me knowing I put myself in these?


I guess that's true. You don't know me well enough, you must be overwhelmed. I could have just given you the true names but I felt you'd be less interested in it had I done that. Perhaps I'm just a narcissist.

I'm Moon Byul-Yi, 28 years old. I don't remember much about myself. My true nature towards you is a conversation for another day, maybe when I can properly introduce myself as if I AM myself. I want to know more about you instead. Do you know-- no. That's not right. Who are you? If you can't tell me a story about your true life, you can do what I do and insert yourself into one. You can't? You're lying aren't you...?

Whatever. Go ahead, choose.


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This is literally a dump of angst fics, but I'll tie them together using "Alter Ego" chapters and some edits. Thank you for showing interest!
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