Chapter 2

Character Bleed (BJYX/Yizhan)

2017 March

Xiao Zhan's POV

Katt is videoing me, running around in the middle of the flower field, where numerous blooming flowers are surrounding us. This place is amazingly beautiful, I feel the sunshine on my face. I feel the warmth of the sun and the tickly feeling on my arms from the leaves of the flowers. 

Everyone is playing around here and I see a little boy walking behind Da Lao Shi, listening to others' conversation. Katt points at that little boy after seeing me stare at him, "Zhan, you see that little boy? He's Wang Yibo. Nineteen years old only. He's very good at dancing, no, not good, he's excellent at dancing. Especially street dancing. He's a member of UNIQ, really, a wonderful boy."

I raise my eyebrows. Is he really this good? I finally meet this Wang Yibo our manager has mentioned many many times. Well, to me, he's just a little boy who is younger than me for six years. I admit that he is beautiful, like a majestic peony, standing tall and high. And he's cute. Maybe because he's still young, I sometimes can hear his baby accent when I walk past him. He's quite shy, hiding among his other Day Day brothers, but I can notice him right away in the middle of the crowd.

I could barely remember what happened the day we first met, who knows this little boy remembers everything.

                                                                                                                                                                              -Xiao Zhan


Wang Yibo's POV

I feel like I'm just a little potato here, walking behind Da Lao Shi and listening to his talks with Feng Ge. They are talking about where to go tomorrow because tomorrow is a day off. No one asks me out, so I think I'm just going to sleep until three in the afternoon. 

I can hear some laughter coming from nearby and turn my head to look for the owner of the sweet sound. Then, what I see is a man, slightly older than me, I guess, running across the field with his arms spread apart widely, with his friend videoing him from behind. At this particular moment, the sunshine shines on his face and he closes his eyes, facing the sky. 

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. I hear my heart racing. Very quickly. I stare at this man without blinking. He's so handsome, with a little baby fat on his face. I seriously want to squeeze his cheeks. I swallow my saliva hard. I feel my throat getting drier still and my palms are getting wet of sweat. The man turns his head in my direction and stares at me. I feel myself blush and quickly turn around to avoid his eye contact. I hurry over to keep up the pace of Da Lao Shi and Feng Ge. My mind is full of the picture of the young man. 

I move my eyeballs in his direction and catch a glimpse of him still staring at me. My heart is thumping so fast that I think it is going to pop out of my chest at any moment. I try to listen to the conversation in front of me to calm myself down.

"Da Lao Shi, I'll come pick you up at nine tomorrow, ok?"

"Ok, ok. Oh yeah, have you remembered all the names of the members of X Nine already? Don't make any mistakes this time again, ok?"

"I know, Da Lao Shi. I have spent the whole morning remembering their names. No mistakes for sure."

"Fine. Then who's the guy in the pink jeans-jacket?"

"Xiao Zhan. Twenty-five. Right?"

"Hmmm. Then who's the..."

I stop listening to them right away. I turn back to the cute man just now. Pink jeans-jacket. It's him. Xiao Zhan. Oh my gosh, what a nice name, cute and cool at the same time. Zhan Zhan, Xiao Zhan, Xiao Xiao...

My cheeks are burning just to think of his nicknames. Thump. Thump. Thump. 

Love at first sight. I fall in love with the man in just one second, in just one look, in just one heartbeat. 

I never believed in love at first sight , I don't even know what is love. It's Xiao Zhan, who made me know falling in love may just be in a second. It seems to be easy, but I could say it's the most precious thing in the world.

                                                                                                                                                                            -Wang Yibo

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