˚♡ ˑ POP! —  19+ Discord Roleplay,  Reservations currently closed! *ೃ☼


19+ DCrp
1509. Pre-res @ 9 PM KST.
1609. Grand opening!

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Pop! is a 19+ non-AU closed permanent roleplay. All members are not allowed to invite any outsiders without applying through our aff.
Strictly do not cause IC or OOC drama, examples including but not limited to: facechasing and selective replies. Only one account per head. You can keep your discord tag, but do change your nickname and avatar accordingly. Your avatar must match that of your faceclaim for the first 3 days after your arrival, afterwhich you're allowed to use your desired avatar. 

Activity checks will be done throughout the roleplay to avoid hogging faceclaims. Being inactive for 3 days will result in an unverification. CCs, TCCs are unlimited and TCCs last for 48 hours. Semi hiatus lasts for a week and hiatus lasts for two weeks. You can discuss with the admins for extensions or other matters regarding your hiatus.

Even though Pop! is a 19+ roleplay, all messages sent to the main channel are to be kept SFW with no mentions of ual or triggering topics for everyone's comfort. 

Please inform the admins if you want to leave, go on a hiatus, or any related matters regarding the roleplay. Failure to adhere to the rule will get you blacklisted. What's your favorite candy? Feel free to message an admin for any issues, suggestions, or questions you have regarding the roleplay itself or just navigating through Discord.
how to join
Read the rules thoroughly and check the masterlist for your desired faceclaim. Subscribing is compulsory, upvoting is optional but much appreciated. 

To reserve, please comment your faceclaim along with the password, your ooc and ic age before waiting for a reply from us. You're only allowed to reserve for yourself. 
We will accept 40 members once the roleplay opens, and we may open for more members as it lasts.
Once your reservation is accepted, you will be sent the link to join the server. Please make sure that your private messages on aff are open. You will have 24 hours to arrive.
admin taken reserved00 
aespa: karina ningning
ateez: wooyoung s
eonghwa san
blackpink: jennie jisoo lisa rose
bts: jungkook hoseok taehyung
enhypen: jake heeseung
everglow: yiren
exo: d.o
(g)i-dle: yuqi
gp999: yurina
got7: jackson
itzy: yeji ryujin
kard: bm
loona: chuu heejin jinsoul
nct: taeyong jaehyun xiaojun johnny hendery yuta jeno doyoung jaemin winwin haechan
red velvet: seulgi joy yeri
sf9: rowoon
soloists: jaehwan wonho loren
skz: hyunjin felix
svt: jeonghan wonwoo mingyu
tbz:changmin sunwoo juyeon
txt:  beomgyu yeonjun soobin
wjsn: eunseo
viviz: eunha
karina: aespa, itzy, ateez, & nct. 
changmin: complete tbz please....
taeyong: more ladies.
seonghwa: complete ateez, red velvet's wendy.
hyunjin: na goeun and park jieun.
yurina: loona.
yeji: itzy's lia.
mingyu: complete seventeen.
jisoo: blackpink's lisa.
yuta: nct's haechan.
seulgi: complete red velvet and more 2nd gen girl groups.
jaehwan: nct's jungwoo, miyeon, wannaone reunion.
juyeon: chanhee to cpdp with.
jungkook: complete ateez, got7 esp yugyeom, seventeen 97 line, eunwoo, dreamcatcher.
wooyoung: complete ateez.
jaemin: complete stray kids.
johnny: wjsn's luda, bona, exy.
jaehyun: jung jinyoung, b1a4's gongchan, wayv's kun.
jeno: more dream, 127, wayv members.
olivia hye: (g)i-dle, bangchan.
beomgyu: complete txt.
Sunwoo x Yoohyeon
Felix x Yuta
Johnny x doyoung
wonho x karina
Xiaojun x Hendery
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