Æ̴A̴E̴A̴. nonau ig based rp — closed. thank you for the memories!


breakfast at tiffany's and bottles of bubbles? buy all your favorite things, dance and get in trouble? you want it hmm?
you got it at æaea island! the best vacation spot out there, from the best tasting tropical juices to weekly games and biweekly events! woooohooo!!! 
About Us
sixth game winner!
seventh game winner!
01. we are a closed roleplay, please don't interact with any outsiders and keep your account private. 
02. one account per person, we don't want character hogging.
03. we accept internationals and all asian faceclaims. you can also be an influencer/model as long as they have at least 50,000 followers. don't model anyone deceased, in trouble with the police or doesn't wish to be roleplayed, if unsure, please ask us!
04. temporary character changes (TCC) and permenant character changes (CC) are given for free upon arrival. each TCC lasts up to 5 days with a 4 day ban in between. each CC requires a week ban inbetween. 
05. please be active and interact with the members as much as possible. posts should be made at least every 3 days, a warning will be given on the 4th day. There is a 2 warnings streak system, if you are warned about inactivity twice, the third is an automatic kickout. pw: your favorite vacation spot.
06. all ualities/orientations are welcomed! move in couples please state your anniversary date in the application or inform base. no dating ban but engagement/marriage ban of a month. no mpreg allowed. please get to know each other and be careful!
07. timeline is rated pg-13 at all times. keep anything rated to private dms. 
08. inform base/admins if you would like to take a break or leave the roleplay. semi hiatus is 2 weeks long with a post at least once a week. a full hiatus is a month long, no posting needed. 
09. lastly, please have a good time and experience here, we want the roleplay to feel like a relaxing vacation so be respectful to everyone. no drama/negativity will be tolerated. if you need help or have any concerns, dm admins/base. thank you for giving us a chance! 
01. please subscribe to the thread, upvoting is optional but appreciated!
02. read the guidelines, you can check the wishlist if you are stuck on who to be, then comment with the following format:

full name
group/occupation (influencers/models please provide instagram @)
(in guidelines)

03. once accepted, you have 48 hours to make/recycle an accounts and dm base upon arrival. 
04. thank you for giving us a chance!!
taken. tcc00. reserved00.
aespawinter, ningning, karina
astro. eunwoo
ateezseonghwa, mingi, san, hongjoong, wooyoung, yunho
*blackpink. jennie, rosé, jisoo, lisa
bts. jungkook, v, suga, jimin
cix. jinyoung
enhypensunghoon, jungwon, sunoo, jay, jake, heesung
exile. shokichi
exo. sehun, kai, chanyeol
fromis_9. jiheon
got7. jayb, jinyoung, yugyeom
*itzy. ryujin, yuna, chaeryeong, lia, yeji
loona. yves, jinsoul
mamamoo. solar
nct. jenomark, jaehyun, jaemin, yuta, taeyong
nex7. justin21
oh my girl. arin
omega x. yang hyuk
red velvet. yerijoy, irene
seventeen. mingyu, scoups
shinee. taemin
stayc. isa, sumin
the boyz. juyeon, hyunjae, chanhee, younghoon, sunwoo, changmin
twice. momo, tzuyu
txt. yeonjun, taehyun, soobin, beomgyu
wekimeki. doyeon
wjsn. cheng xiao
actors/actresses. wi hajun
internationals. ariana grande, harry styles, hailee steinfeld
models. scarlett leithold, kim nahee, hyori, leo, hannah kim, dasom
soloist. wonyoung, yujin, dean, dpr ian
base. wishes for beautiful humans, aka you!
chanyeol. exo's kyungsoo, rv's wendy, svt's the8, nct's haechan, winwin
karina. txt especially, more the boyz members, more girlies to simp on, and more people to become friends with!
sokichi. exile, 3jsb especially elly.
taehyun. complete txt please and treasure members especially yedam
suga. complete bts and txt.
seonghwa. complete ateez
jisoo. i want to be a billionaire so freaking bad, buy all of the things i've never had.
juyeon. more tbz members, especially chanhee and younghoon. more stayc members.
sunwoo. cravity members!
nahee. btob, 2pm, 2am, 2nd generation idols, infinite esp myungsoo, nine percent, idol producer trainees, anyone who will give me endless supplies of strawberries. I need new friends
winter x jaemin. 08.08.2021 
hyuk x jennie.
younghoon x chaeryeong. 12.10.2020
jinyoung x yugyeom. 30.08.2020
jake x jay. 11.10.2021
we look forward to meeting you ❤
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