After Moon


Wendy has been in love with Joy since day one.


Wendy and Joy throughout the years.


She sees Eunji send her a look, but she just shakes her head and sends a pleading one back. The other girl’s shoulders slump in defeat and she just shrugs as she goes to sit beside a very intoxicated Bomi on the couch.


Wendy sends a grateful smile at the older girl for understanding.


They take a cab back to the apartment they share, which is just a couple blocks away from the daycare where Joy works at.


She holds Wendy's hand inside the car, her head resting on the shorter girl’s shoulder as she hummed their song softly under her breath, just loud enough so that only the two of them could hear.


It makes Wendy's heart flutter once more, and she finds herself wishing for things to never change between them even if the years pass by.

I was supposed to update this one this week, but a close relative of mine passed away a couple of days ago so I wasn't able to write. I'm sorry about that. I might post chapter 6 by next week. stay safe everyone~
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