Capitulum II

The Story Of A Lifetime

Standing in a meadow full of golden flowers while the wind softly blows against her skin. Surronded by tall ancient pines, suns spots rhough leaves. The pure earthly air is exhilarating. She look towards the center of the meadow where a small homely cottage snuggly sits in the hills, smoke comes out of a chimney and the windows cast a warm light onto the threshhold. Looking around, Chaewon realized one thing. She's been here before.Walking around the meadow, Chaewon laughed happily. Yes. Home. “My love.”


Turning around, Chaewon felt an an overwhelming amount of joy at the sight of her lover. “It’s been a while.”


Chaewon felt her eyes stings, as tears started to form. She ran forwards and collided with her lover, soaking in the scent and never letting go. Yes. This was home.




Chaewon's eyes opened. Taking a moment to keep herself together, she was on a travel between reality and dream. A dream? What kind of a dream was that? Chaewon sat up, wiping the tears streaming down her face. Why? She stared down at her hands and wondered. What was her dream again? Remembering the events of yesterday, Chaewon blinked confusedly. What is happening? She’s supposed to be stuck on an underwater lake! She turned herself and saw the hole she fell through disappear. What?


“Scatter around the forest!” Chaewon suddenly stood up at the sudden noise of footsteps running. She felt her breath hitched at a sight of a a girl. She could make out a few of a string of pink hair, thankful for the flood of light coming from the small holes of the cave. The pink girl pants as she sat on the ground and made herself comfortable. Chaewon turned towards the exit of teh cave, hearing shouts outside. “What is going on?”


“Who’s there?” Chaewon covered with her hands when the girl spoke. “Huh…I must be imagining things.”


What the hell? Is this a dream? Chaewon started walking towards the girl and heard her mumble.


“Punishing two lovers who wants nothing but to love each other until the end of time is such an utter bull. And to think you’re supposed to be the beacon of Love.” Chaewon knelt down in front of the crying girl. She’s being punished for loving someone else? That’s horrible. Chaewon compared herself to the mysterious girl. The girl just wanted to love and Chaewon just wanted to be loved. “Today and tomorrow, always and forever...”


“Come back to me.” Chaewon yelped, falling down on her back when the girl looked at her straight to the eyes. “Chaewon.”










Chaewon quickly sat up, wide eyed. Out of nowhere, she felt arms around her. It was Eunbi. “You’re finally awake!”




“You were shaking like crazy! So  I had to shake you some more! Never do that again!”


“I’ll try?” Blinking as she patted Eunbi’s back, she glanced at her surroundings. “What happened?”


“Seunggi woke me up in the middle of the night announcing that you fell through a hole, we all gathered everyone and brought the right equipments. We were lucky you were alive when we arrived.”


“I didn’t drown?” Eunbi tilted her head at Chaewon’s question.


“Drown? There weren’t any water there.  When we arrived at the cave, we just found you beside the hole unconsious. How did you even climb up that high?”


“What are you talking about? I fell on an underwater lake!” Chaewon gave her bestfriend a bewildered look. She was even floating on water! Closing her eyes tightly, Chaewon tried to remember.


She had dream.


There was a girl.


There were voices.


“Chaewon?” Chaewon opened her eyes to see a worried Eunbi. She clutched her chest, her heart was thumping so loud that she was sure Eunbi could hear it. “I’ll get you something to eat. You’ve been asleep for a day and a half.”


A day and a half?


It only felt like a minute.


Chaewon thought back to the cave, her thoughts racing. That’s when she realized, she needs to back. She needs to go back for something or someone.


“Hey, bread with jam? Bread with honey?”


Snapping out of her thoughts, Chaewon looked around. How long was she staring into nothing? She took in a deep breath and glanced at Eunbi. “Honey.”


“Thought so.” Eunbi glanced at her bestfriend worriedly and gave her the sandwich. She sat down beside Chaewon and nudged her with her shoulders. Chaewon sighed and stood up. She exited her tent as Eunbi follows her. Looking around the campsite, it was too quiet. Where was her father? “Seunggi and the others left to find more of the places we haven’t had the chance to explore. He told me to keep an eye on you. His daughter almost died and he’s still obsessed looking for the legend.”


Rolling her eyes, Chaewon scoffed. Of course. Ever since her mother died, it was the only thing on his mind. Chaewon didn’t care.  She turned to Eunbi, after munching her sandwich.


“I’ve been thinking.”


“That explains the bead of sweats.” Eunbi joked as she received a glare from her bestfriend. The two walked back towards Chaewon’s tent.


“Funny.” Chaewon rolled her eyes and took another bite of her sandwich. “I think I need to go back to the cave.”








“Oh whatever, no one can hear you.” Chaewon rolled her eyes, knowing it’s practically impossible for Eunbi to quiet down. Looking down on her sandwich, she made a face. She wasn’t hungry anymore.


“B-but why ?! Chaewon do I need to remind you that the last time you were in there, you almost went to heaven without me!” Eunbi exclaimed and grabbed her bestfriend’s head in between her hands. “The dirt and rocks got in your brain, isn’t it?! I knew it! We need to perform a surgery on you now!”


“What? No!” Chaewon scowled and removed Eunbi’s hands. “I’m totally fine!” 


Chaewon stood up and walked towards the table to put down the sandwich. Eunbi blinked. “Oh wow. You must be really THAT serious if you’re setting aside your honey sandwich.”


Chaewon deadpanned at her bestfriend and sighed. “I just have to go back.”


“What about Seunggi? What if he comes back and realized we’re not in here?”


“I need to go back, Eunbi. I have to.”


Eunbi stared at her bestfriend, perplexed by the actions. Why is Chaewon acting like this? Seeing the determination in her eyes, Eunbi sighed in defeat. “Fine. What do you want me to do?”


“Yes!” Chaewon exclaimed, rushing forward to hug Eunbi. “Put a mannequin on my bed?”


“Yes because this works every single time.” Eunbi raised an eyebrow, watching Chaewon go inside  take out the mannequin . To where Chaewon hides it? Eunbi has no idea.


“It never works because someone always forget the wig part!”


“Because we have no wig!”


Rolling her eyes, Chaewon roams through her suitcase looking for clothes. “Look, I’ll be back before you know it! You know me! I bounce back from everything!”


“No you don’t!”


“Uh Yes I do. Remember that time in Congo Basin?”


“Of course! You got bitten in the by a freaking venus flytrap because you thought it would be fluffy!” Chaewon stopped her actions, glaring at Eunbi.


“Okay first of all, venus flytraps are not even harmful to humans! Even if you put your whole hand inside it’s mouth, it won’t hurt at all -”




“You just watch too much movies. Second, I meant the thing with the snake.”


“Oh.” Eunbi shuddered at the memory of Chaewon out her own arms to get out the venom. “Okay whatever, I’m coming with you then.”


“What? No!”Chaewon slipped on a few snacks on her pockets and tied her hair up in a phonytail.


“Hey you go, I go.” Eunbi placed her hands on Chaewon’s shoulders and winked. “The last time you were determined about something like this, we found the Assyrian rock panels so I’m trusting your guts .”


Seeing there's no used in convincing Eunbi to stay, she sent her a grateful smile, Chaewon and Eunbi both exited the tent, not without leaving a mannequin on their bed. As the two set off to their secret mission, Chaewon felt a shiver run down her spine. She looked back, feeling like they were being watched. Walking for about 5 minutes into the forest, Eunbi scrunched up her nose feeling a drop of rain. She glares up the sky. “Seriously?!”


“My love? No. Don’t be ridiculous, Chaewon.” Eunbi blinked and jogged up to catch up with Chaewon. What is she mumbling about? Eunbi knew Chaewon was weird but this is a whole different kind of weird. Her weird -o-meter’s shrieking at ten. Suddenly, flashes of lightning from a far casted omnious silhouettes back in the forest and as they exit the forest, they were with a cliff. “I don’t remember passing by a cliff?”


Thunder rumbled through the sky as if God himself was beating a drum. It was angry, fierce and full of hatred. Eunbi watched Chaewon stood over the edge of the cliff, forming an O as she looks down. Look at that height!”


“Be careful!” Eunbi scolded watching Chaewon chuckled at her. “One day, I’m going to die just by worrying all day about you!”


“Oh come on, scaredy cat.” Chaewon taunted with a smirk. She placed her arms on her hips as Eunbi scowled. She wacthed Eunbi inched her way towards the cliff and placed herself beside her.


“If I fall down, you’re coming down with me.” Eunbi stated clinging onto Chaewon’s arms. Gazing down the sheer drop, Eunbi nearly fainted.


“See? It’s not so bad.”


“I’m too scared to even hit you right now!” Eunbi cautiously walked away from the edge of the cliff, her legs shaking uncontrollably. “Come on. Let’s just find the cave. You do know your way back to the cave right? Because I’m dumb with directions that I sometimes mix up my left and right.”


“I was kind of hoping you knew.” Chaewon turned around and sent her bestfriend a sheepish smile.


“Oh my god.” Eunbi let out an exasperated sigh. “You’re just as impulsive as your dad.”


“Hey!” Chaewon glared, offended by the statement. There is no way in hell she was as impulsive as him! She’s always cautious!


Taking a step forward away from the edge,the two heard a crack. Chaewon and Eunbis wide eyes met each other and in a heartbeat, Chaewon fell along with stones breaking free and fiercely tumbling down the cliff. “CHAEWON!!”


With her whole body plummeting down,  Chaewon closed her eyes tightly. . Her heart was racing like a trapped bird, desperate to escape.  She waited for her body to ache, to drop down and break but it never came. Chaewon opened her eyes, shocked at the sight of a girl looking down on her with a bright smile. At loss for words, Chaewon couldn’t do anything but stare in shock. The girl flew with Chaewon in her arms and softly landed in front of Eunbi who looked like she just lost 10 years in her lifetime. The two were completely dumbfounded by the girl in front of them but Chaewon noticed something. “Wait a second. Why are you wearing my clothes?!”


“Minzhou!” The girl exclaimed happily, her eyes sparkling. She was smiling at Chaewon, the kind of smile that reaches the eyes.


“.....What did you just say?”


“Chaewon, my weird -o-meter just broke.”

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