Long Live the Queen.

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The world is changing. Yoo Seojin, a newly established fashion designer at the luxury fashion house of Wol do of Seoul, holds tightly onto her revenge plan to become more successful than those who have wronged her will ever dream of being. But one can't plan life, especially not when her fashion illustrator suddenly quits, and she finds herself face to face with her ex lover, Kim Junmyeon. Because when the past resurfaces, it is bound to affect the future. 



Kim Junmyeon, Yoo Seojin (OC)
with Oh Sehun, Son Seungwan, Byun Baekhyun, and more
ex lovers!au, romance, revenge, comedy, angst, fashion designer!au, slight crack, gaslight gatekeep girlboss
language, themes of ism, mentions of ual harassment and misogyny, faint mentions of drug and substance abuse, perhaps some *ahem* suggestive content in future chapters? (Not a writer!)
hi everyone!! I’m back (not like i ever left lmao) with another story, and this time i wanted to give justice to our man junmyeon bc the drought of him on this site is REAL?? Anyways can’t wait to present y y yoo seojin and her designer team in a short-chaptered story that will probably be around 20 chapters!! I tried to make this as realistic to the real life fashion industry but research only got me so far, so I’m tweaking several parts of the job to fit the narrative to this story, so don’t expect it to be picture perfect to reality, most (though not all) of this is fiction :) i’m posting this foreword early because my friends peer pressured me, BUT the first chapter won’t be out before the end of september so please be patient and hang in there!!
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