Introvert vs Extrovert


Kim Jin Young and Kim Min Joo, 2 complete opposites, both attending the distinguished Univeristy of Munchkin(UM) located in Seoul, Korea.

One is an extreme introvert and the other is a popular attention seeker.

What happens when both path's keep on colliding with each other?


*Story is absolutely fictional!*

Genre: Friendship, Comedy




Name: Kim Jin Young

Age: 19

Height: 170cm

University Major: Music

Hobbies: Doing sports(especially football), Exercising, Playing the guitar, Playing games

Kim Jin Young has a New Zealander father and a Korean mother. He has a look that he himself considered as good looking, but not too attractive that would easily charm others. He moved to South Korea, Seoul, alone after living in New Zealand since birth, to experience the life of living in South Korea. He enrolled to the University of Munchkin(UM) which is one of the most prestigious school in Seoul, when he was 18. Ever since, he has been living alone in an apartment that is considered to be one of the most expensive homes. He has money but doesn't flaunt it. Oh, and also, he does UTube, an online video sharing and social media platform, having about 37000 subscribers.



Name: Kim Min Ju

Age: 20

Height: 164cm

University Major: Fine Arts

Hobbies: Taking pictures, Shopping, Drawing/Painting

Kim Min Ju is the most popular girl in the University of Munchkin(UM). Wherever she goes, with or without her clique, boys and girls would call her "Kim Angel". Yes, girls as well. Every time she heard someone call her "Kim Angel", she would always try to hide her smile so that she can maintain her "elegant" image. She first got the nickname "Kim Angel" during UM's orientation when she was 19 as she was wearing a white one-piece dress. During the orientation, she unintentionally formed a clique made of 3 other girls: Jo Yu Ri(19), Kang Hye Won(20) & Choi Ye Na(20). All 4 of them can be considered as the most beautiful girls in UM and since then, they have been doing everything together and become the best of friends.

My first story :-)
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