Adore You | an alternate ending

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Yes. This is my own, (on-going) alternate ending for Adore You (MinaYeon) by Nabongsbunny.

I mean, the original story was great. It's perfect. It affected me in so many ways. I love it too much that I didn't read any new story or book after that for a whole month. I needed to move on from how good it hurted me. But I failed miserably. Until I decided to write my own ending.

This alternate ending is for my own. I hope you don't get to hate me. I love Adore You so, so much.

I still haven't finish it but I wanted to post it already and share it with someone... anyone. Let me know what you think of it through the comment section if you ever stumble with it. Also, I haven't really got to proofread this one so it may have some typo errors. Bare with me :)

Thank you and stay safe!



Ten feet from the store, Mina can see Nayeon was busy lining up some bottles of kombucha. She thinks short hair suits Nayeon well. [Adore You by Nabongsbunny, last chapter]


Nayeon doesn’t want to see me. She’s doing pretty well. She’s happy. The phone conversation was okay. It should be enough. Mina thinks. Her mind is set off to leave but her feet betrayed her, controlled by her heart.


Eyes fixed to Nayeon, Mina opened the glass door making the wind chimes sound and making Nayeon smile. It’s their first customer in the past hour.


“Good afternoon! Welcome to—“ she didn’t even finish her greeting as she was wrapped with her favorite scent. With her favorite pair of arms. Her favorite feeling in the world - being held by her favorite person. Her person.



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