one last goodbye.

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Two empty guest rooms, miscellaneous boxes, and random trash occupied the living room. Hands somberly picking up the traces of life that were left, sighs leaving dry lips.


You had left on a rainy day, fitting for the mood of the occasion. The location of your new place was unknown, not that I cared. 


The paper cut I received seemed to hurt one thousand times more than usual, my finger throbbing and my heart aching. I cried; trying to flush out the love I still had left for you in the form of tears.


Our goodbye was silent. No words were exchanged since you left so suddenly. It was a good thing that I had anticipated it.


It wasn’t until I cleaned out your room that I realized what you had done. What we had done. 


It seems we had a similar idea on how to say our goodbyes. I had sent them in a package to your office and you had left them on the desk in the guest room you once occupied.


The letters that contained our final goodbye.



A/N: lol I saw something about how a lot of people agree that I'm on an anti-byul streak but in reality my writing just reflects my mood. I write what I feel at the current moment, which tbh... is not so hot these days. I know a lot of my work has been on the more angsty and depressing side these days so I wanted to at

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