Nam Haesoo

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I remember the first moment when I saw those texts and pictures on the screen. How my lips trembled, and my breath ceased. My husband was so blatantly cheating on me.


I remember calling you, how your voice shook when you asked me if I was alright. I must have sounded like a crazy person, asking you to suddenly meet up at 2AM.


I said I was fine, that I suddenly wanted to go to that bar we used to frequent. You agreed despite it being the dead of night.


I was never good at holding my alcohol, a few drinks in and I began to cry. Spilling out my worries as you sat there listening to everything. I could see the pain in your expressions, how you were unsure of how to comfort me.


All I wanted was to be held and you did just that.


It was a habit we picked up, every Friday we would go drinking at the same bar. My worries and complaints piled high, but you listened to them patiently. You never spoke much, just letting me pour my heart out to you.


You would help me home after I would drink myself to the brink of blacking out, hiding my troubles from Haesoo. I was grateful you took care of me, because without you, I might have gone and done something reckless.


I spent so many nights with you, crying in your arms as you simply held me.


I realized then, that you were someone I shouldn’t let go of. You were someone special to me.


On the nights that Yoon Do w

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