Nam Yoon Do

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A year passed by within a blink of an eye, our friendship rekindling like smothered ashes in a fire. Slow at first but once the blaze came back to life, the fire burned wildly. 


I was 39 now and you were entering your 40s. You didn't appreciate the jokes or teasing I made about your age. I stopped tutoring Haesoo once she began her second year of highschool. Turns out, I was an awfully good math tutor. (I’m good at everything, right Unnie?)


I thought we would drift apart after my contract was up but you clung onto me, asking me out for coffee every single week. You don’t even drink coffee, neither of us do.


You didn't like my smoking habit, so I painstakingly ditched that for you last year. I fell into both good habits and bad habits with you. But somewhere along the way, you became my worst habit.


By accident I've become the person you pour your heart out to, your closest friend once again. You said you were happy, satisfied with how your life was coming along. I should have known it was a lie.


It was late one night when my phone rang, you suddenly invited me to a bar we used to frequent. Memories of our old college days replayed themselves as we sat in those old creaky stools. 


You told me about how you and Yoon Do had met, how you had fallen in love. How happy you were with him and how blessed you felt for having Haesoo.


But after you drank a few drinks and grew tipsy, you started crying. I wanted to comfort you yet I didn't know if I was allowed to. Listening as you sp

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