Between the Past and the Future

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A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regrets. Have a little bit of patience and you don't have to spend your life full of regrets.



“The last time I checked, we have eight members and you are not one of us. "



“Friends come and go but friends that were already like a family to you, when they’re gone, it left a permanent, gigantic scar in you heart."



“My future in the group and my well-being are the concerns of my members and my friends, neither of which you are any longer."



“I said I lost my friends, the people that was once really important to me. I didn’t say they still are, neither did I say I want them back in my life."






A/N: This is an alternate universe where someone else is the maknae of Girls' Generation instead of Seohyun. The reason for it is that I needed a character to be a mouthpiece for some harsh words and sentiments that will be presented throughout the story, and I decided to make an original character to do the dirty works for this friendship story full of angst.


If you feel like you've read this story before, you're right. This is a revised version of the unfinished story that I wrote in 2015 and had abandoned until now. So, if you're a returning 'customer', welcome back, this is for you! And for the rest, welcome and enjoy the ride!

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