Striving With You

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Soojin is the daughter of one of South Korea's richest and most powerful CEOs. Living a life of luxury and a golden or even a diamond spoon in , the girl desperately craves for something to call her own. Sick of everything, she runs away from her personal staff one  day. Alone, she wandered the streets of Seoul carrying only her purse and dressed in a hoodie and sweat pants. Seeing the streets of Seoul on a new perspective, she wandered the city with a burning fascination. Wandering towards Seoul’s rougher areas, she encounters a suave lady in a restaurant. This lady becomes fast friends with Soojin and showed her what its like living an ordinary life. Little did these two ladies know that gears have been set in motion that will undoubtedly change their lives.


This is a fan fiction depicting most if not all Loona and Weeekly ships. As such, this fanfic caters to themes that are within the LGBTQ+ community. This is my first work and I truly hope you enjoy.

Big thanks to the Pup Seal Cult for motivating me to write.

This work is dedicated to someone very dear and special to me.

Keep safe and stan Weeekly and Loona!

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