Never Letting Go


People have always said that Mamamoo has never been a group of 4 members, but rather a group of 2 couples.  With their contract ending, everyone is watching as to what the two couples will do - but Mamamoo has always been doing their own thing, and this is no different. 


I was packing to move and found a journal where i wrote my prediction about which Mamamoo member were going to renew and why/why not.  I thought it was interested to read how young me think - given what we know now with all the contracts confirmed. This prediction was written during Hip era, so very old.

Anyway I wanted to expand on this a bit and wrote this little one-shot. this is just for fun because i am procastinating on packing. Dont take this too seriously please.

I'll paste young me prediction at the end for fun.

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

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