Revenge (Re-Write Ver.)

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I present you... REVENGE.







Characters Profile

Name : Kang Seulgi

Rank : 1st Lieutenant

Partner : Jung Soojung

Specialty : Infiltration / Leader in command

Status : Alive


Name : Bae Joohyun

Rank : Lieutenant

Partner : Choi Jinri

Specialty : Mission expert / Interrogator

Status : Alive


Name : Jung Soojung

Rank : Lieutenant

Partner : Kang Seulgi

Specialty : Infiltration / Tactical

Status : Alive


Name : Lee Joonhae

Rank : Sergeant Major

Partner : Amber Liu

Specialty : Agent / Disguise

Status : Deceased


Name : Amber Liu

Rank : Private

Partner : Lee Joonhae

Specialty : Agent / Tactical

Status : Alive


Name : Victoria Song

Rank : Captain

Partner : None

Specialty : Close combat

Status : Alive


Name : Park  Sooyoung

Rank : Sergeant

Partner : Son Seungwan

Specialty : Weapon expert / Informant

Status : Alive


Name : Son Seungwan

Rank : Private

Partner : Park  Sooyoung

Specialty : Sniper

Status : Alive


Name : Choi  Jinri

Rank : Private

Partner : Bae Joohyun

Specialty : Tech

Status : Alive


Hi guys, this story is a re-written story..

I just change all the character name but the storyline is still the same as the original story *maybe there is a little change to adjust with the character*

You guys can check the original story too, it's written by author 'Bluppy'..

And this is the link for the original story

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