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Choi Seungcheol was born as the heir of the Choi conglomerate, one of the biggest, richest and most successful business domestically and internationally, majoring in manufacturing industries. They manufactured everything, from cars, to textiles, to chemicals, you name it. Choi Sangjun, Seungcheol’s grandfather, was undoubtedly in the top ten list of the richest businessman in the world, never missing the Forbes list every single damn year.

Choi Sangjun started humble but brave. He made every single risky investment and made tremendous profit year after year. Ten years into business, he was one of the richest men in South Korea, five years later, he was named the richest man in Asia and now, he was known all over the world. It took him 20 years to become successful internationally, but he never stopped, even when he was already in his seventies.

Choi Sangjun was blessed with daughters, three daughters to be exact. He used his daughters to increase his wealth, marrying them off to business heirs of other big industries and join ventures with them. Due to that, Choi conglomerate become the biggest shareholders of three different industries, service industries – which includes hotels, transportations and travel agencies, entertainment and media industries – which includes the biggest communication network, news and media agencies, as well as the telecommunication industries. In short, Choi conglomerate is the biggest shot in South Korea, whoever didn’t know them must have been living under the rock. 

Choi Subin, the eldest daughter, married Kim Hyunoh, and was bestowed with three children, two boys – Kim Hyunjoong and Kim Hyunsung, and a girl, Kim Hyunji. Kim Hyunoh’s family owed the biggest accommodation chain around Asia called Hyun Hotel, owned a private airplane company and also travel agencies to and from South Korea.

Choi Soomin, the second daughter, married Lee Byungwon, the heir of the biggest entertainment and media agency. They own the biggest private broadcasting channel in Korea as well as the biggest news outlet. They also own a big entertainment agency, which support both domestic and international artist, singers, actors and performers all over the world. They have two girls, Lee Sunkyu and Lee Sunhwa and two boys, Lee Junghwan and Lee Jaehwan.

The youngest daughter, Choi Sooji, married Park Taeil, the youngest son of the Park family, the owner of SSP company, the biggest telecommunication network in South Korea. They also design and produce telecommunication devices which includes mobile phone, television, computers tablet and all related devices, you name it. The couple were bestowed with a pair of children, Park Ilhoon and Park Hyesoo.

Choi Sihyuk, Seungcheol’s father is the second eldest and only son of Choi Sangjun. He married the Yoon Se-ah, the heiress of the biggest restaurant chain in South Korea, the Yoon BBQ restaurant. They were bestowed with two boys, Seungcheol’s older brother, Choi Seungjun and Seungcheol himself.

Seungcheol was born prematurely at 7th months. His mother had a difficult pregnancy and passed away in the operating theatre after he was born. Seungcheol was taken into the paediatric care for a few weeks before he was allowed to be brought home. A month later, he was brought to the hospital as he stopped breathing after crying non-stop for five minutes. It wasn’t normal because average babies cry a lot.  After further check-ups, he was found to have weak lungs. His breathing tract was easily swollen will affect his breathing. He was advised to be under intensive care and were given medication in order to help him breath easily. As he grew older, he slowly started to get better with the help of medication. He could run around freely with his brother and cousins and play for hours without having any difficulty in breathing.

In a series of unfortunate events, his father and brother were met in accident on his seventh birthday. A truck of doom had found its way to the car his father was driving as they were on their way back from buying a birthday present for Seungcheol. His brother was a few months away from celebrating his tenth birthday and will then be named as the official successor of the Choi family after their father.

Choi Sihyuk passed away on the way to the hospital while Seungjun was in a comma. He had a few internal bleedings and was operated immediately. He was put under strict observation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for a week before the doctor decided that he could breath on his own. The night before he was transferred to the normal ward, he had a cardiac arrest and passed away.

Seungcheol conditions started to get worse after the incident. He passed out randomly at times and was brought immediately to the hospital. The hospital made him go through tests after tests and concluded that he suffered from a rare disease called Begonia. It was named after a flower which means misfortune and impending bad luck. His days were numbered, and his conditions worsened so much that he could only stay awake continuously for five to six hours at most. Any rigorous activities will lessen the number of hours he could stay awake, to two or three hours.

Even with his serious condition, he was still the official heir and successor of the Choi family as his other cousins were not the official heir since they didn’t carry the Choi’s surname. Thus, his grandfather made up a special team to surround him at all time. The team consists of his butler, his nanny, his personal doctor, his team of tutors and bodyguards. He stayed in a special house where only authorized personnel can enter, including his family members. He was home-schooled during his elementary school and was only able to go to school during his high school and university years.

Seungcheol was sent to an elite private academy, which accepted not only him, but his two bodyguards he was introduced to on his first day of school. Both Wonwoo and Jihoon skipped a grade to attend the same year as him, disguised as normal student, but heck they are both geniuses. They were always on the top list, competing among the best students in the whole nation. Seungcheol isn’t as genius as them, but he’s still an amazing student, thanks to the hours he dedicated on tutoring since he couldn’t do much physical activities. Thus, even though he wasn’t in the top three along with his bodyguards, he was still on the top ten.

Among his classmates, Seungcheol got acquaintances with a few of them. Two of them are Jeonghan and Joshua, they were well known as the JJ twin. They are a pair of cousins, being brought up together in the same house, so they are almost attached to the hips. Both of them are also amazing students who alternated in between Jihoon and Wonwoo in the top three list. As time passed and a full background check, Jeonghan and Joshua were given access to Seungcheol’s extremely private life. They were allowed to be inside and outside of his private house and spend their weekend together along with Wonwoo and Jihoon who never left his side unless he was safe inside his private house along with his team.

School was fun, it was an eight-hour class with two hours break in between. The morning class start at 8.30 am and ended at 12.30 pm. They will have the break for two hours and continue the afternoon classes from 2.30 to 6.30 pm. It gave Seungcheol enough time to take a physical break (read: sleep) after lunch before they started the afternoon classes.

Another fun thing about the academy is that they have three days weekend rather than two-days weekend like average high school. It was so much better that his grandfather was one of the board of directors so none of the staffs questioned his attendance whenever they had school festivals or his disappearance on afternoon classes after an exciting PE class.

Even with his worsening medical condition, Seungcheol have superhuman strength and extremely athletic ability. He’s good in most sports, and he’s strong. Although those ability made his energy depleted faster, he still enjoyed doing sports. He was offered to be in the school teams for almost all of the sports championship, but he had no choice but to reject them or else, people will find out his secret.

As soon as he graduated from high school, he was sent to study in London, of course along with his special team, and together with Wonwoo and Jihoon. He chose to be specialised in business technologies, along with both Jihoon and Wonwoo. Even Jeonghan and Joshua followed him there. Although they weren’t in the same university, it was a nearby school, so Seungcheol requested (read: begged and slightly threatened) his grandfather to allow them to live with him. His grandfather was a firm and strict businessman, but he was a total softie in front of Seungcheol. Due to that, he tried his every best to cater all of Seungcheol’s requests, even the odds one, the only thing he couldn’t do is to stop his grandson’s health from deteriorating.

Along the years he spent in the university, he met with countless doctors, and they all agreed with his doctors’ diagnosis of his medical condition. Medication could only help as much, and surgery wasn’t an option unless they wanted him to be dead earlier than he should. Seungcheol continued living his life to the fullest. Unless he needed to take a break to prevent his condition from worsening, he enjoyed travelling around with his bodyguards-turned-close friends and the JJ twin, of course under strict supervision of his special team. But it’s not like he cared, he had the money, so he enjoyed everything to his heart content.

Seungcheol graduated along with Wonwoo and Jihoon and returned to South Korea after three years. Jeonghan stayed a year back for his master’s degree and Joshua still had to finish two more years of his medical degree. And Seungcheol knew it’s already the end of his days. He’s currently 23 years old, and it will only take two years before he will be gone forever from the world. Until then, he decided to do whatever he could to survive.




“Hyung!” Jihoon smiled in greeting as he joined Seungcheol for breakfast. “What are you going to do today?” He asked excitedly.

“Hyunjoong hyung is coming today!” Seungcheol announced happily. “He just came back from Japan and he’s bringing a gift.”

Jihoon’s face fell. He wasn’t very fond of Seungcheol’s family to be honest. It’s like the family only cared for Seungcheol for the sake of it. But he’s not the boss, so he couldn’t say anything and just swallowed his suspicion.

Wonwoo arrived an hour later, looking less enthusiastic, already being alerted by Jihoon about the visit from Seungcheol’s oldest cousin. Well, to be honest, if Seungcheol died, Hyunjoong would be the next in line to be the successor of Choi Conglomerate, so it’s really a wonder why he’s being sweet with the younger. Both Wonwoo and Jihoon suspected that he knew he will have the chance to be the successor as Seungcheol was going to die soon.

“Hey, why are you guys looking so down?” Seungcheol asked with a pout. With years of being close to the pair, closer than his own family, he could always sense whenever the two were having bad mood. They weren’t very talkative usually, but with him, they both talk a lot, so when they did less talk, Seungcheol immediately know something was definitely wrong.

“It’s nothing.” Jihoon offered a smile. “You know we’re not very fond of having strangers around us.”

“Yah, Hyunjoong hyung is not a stranger. He come and meet me regularly since I was young.” Seungcheol assured the two. He knew the two were making up excuses. They were not fond of strangers, that is right, but Seungcheol had started to realise that other than his grandfather, his two bodyguards were not fond of his family members.

Well, to be fair, his family is wealthy, so they ignore (read: look down at) normal and average people. And that’s include both Jihoon and Wonwoo. They might be Seungcheol’s best friend, but they are still his bodyguard, and so, the ignorance happened. Thus, every time his family members visited, Jihoon and Wonwoo will acted as normal bodyguards and stand guard from a further distance rather than joining him as they usually did.

Seungcheol looked at his specialised watch, he only had three hours before his usual break down and that’s when Hyunjoong usually appeared. Everyone in the family never

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