chapter 7

To let go or To hold on
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“Fany-ah, aren’t you going to find a job or do something else. It’s not like that I don’t want ou here but I just thought that you got some potential, you’ve got your degree” Taeyeon has been thinking about that because it’s been 3 months since she return. By the way Tiffany is acting she knew that the girl has no definite plan. She just don’t want her to waste her time helping at the cafe.


“Actually I am also thinking about that. Michelle asked me to manage our office here but I still don’t know. I just don’t want to be associated with them again, especially with dad”. She’s been thinking about going back to work but not with Hwang Corporation. Then she became very attached and she found enjoyment in working in the cafe that makes her think twice.


“You still haven’t speak with your dad since then?”


Tiffany show her a forced smile “No, and I don’t have any intention to do it”


“Fany-ah, if this is because of what he did to us, I think you need to forgive him already now that we’re together again. He’s still your father after all” Taeyeon doesn’t want her to cut ties with her father because of her. Family is the most important factor in Tiffany’s life and she knows how hard it is to lose them.


“Can we not talk about him”


“Okay. I’m sorry” Taeyeon didn’t ask anymore. She just back hug her girlfriend and the other girl instantly lean in.


“Boo, I am thinking what if we add a new product on our menu and we make some renovation here. What do you think?”


Tiffany turn around to face her just to see her reaction “That is only my suggestion and I am not forcing you to agree with me”


“You’re right. I’ve been thinking about that too. Having a new menu is fine with me. That can be arranged but the renovation, I am not sure”


“Why is that?”


“The sales are quite high as compare before. But I still have to pay Sunny for my loan”


“Tae, don’t be mad if I say that I will shoulder the cost of the renovation” Tiffany tighten her hold on the other girl.


“That’s your money, I want you to use it for your self. Not on my cafe”


“Correction, that’s our money. I worked hard for us. Please Boo, I want to be part of this cafe. Say yes please”


Taeyeon knew that she needs to agree seeing how Tiffany badly wants to be part of her cafe. But taking her money just like that is a big no for her.


“I will agree but i will take that as a loan” Tiffany doesn’t like that idea.


“No, I won’t agree to that”


“Okay. No renovation then” Taeyeon loosen her hold on her and about to walk back to the kitchen but Tiffany is fast enough to stop her


“Fine. Deal but you will pay me after you’re done with Sunny”


“No” Tiffany eyes widen. Taeyeon is playing games with her now that she knows that she’s desperate to make that renovation happens.


“Why?~ what else do you want?”


“Add more the I will think about it” The smirk on Taeyeon’s face didn’t go unnoticed by her and she knew what she wants.


“You sneaky! Okay. You’ll pay me after finish paying Sunny and…” Tiffany walks closer to her before whispering “Sooyoung is having a 5 days conference in Jeju. 5 days. The house is all my mine. Want to sleep over?”


Taeyeon’s eyes lit up upon understanding what does it means “Deal!”


“I didn’t know that you will be a byuntae. Where is my cute innocent Boo” Tiffany says while pinching her not so chubby cheeks

“She left when you came back with that y body” Taeyeon teased  her girlfriend who suddenly blushed.


Tiffany yelp when Taeyeon suddenly squeeze her “Yah! Kim Taeyeon stop it”


Taeyeon act like she is not doing something to her “What?”


“Stop touching my . The customers might see us” Taeyeon look around them and saw that no one is paying attention to them so she continue what she’s doing to Tiffany.


“Mine. Mine. Mine” Taeyeon then tickles Tiffany who is trying not to get the attention of the customers.


“It’s yours. All yours” Tiffany peck her on the lips before pushing her away “Go back to work boss”




Just 2 days after, Tiffany started the minor renovation at the cafe. She personally designed and contacted contractor that will do it.


Taeyeon decided to close the cafe earlier than usual to give way for the renovation. She let Tiffany do what she thinks is best to do.


Taeyeon went to her office. She sat down on her table thinking about what she will add on her current menu. She then remember her mom’s pastry. Taeyeon went through her drawer to get the notes that her mom gave her before. She run through all the menu checking a suitable menu to add to her current.


Then finally she found what she is looking for and she thinks that it will be definitely the perfection addition to her current menu.


“Mom, gotta borrow your recipe. Please guide me on this one”


Before Taeyeon proceed to the kitchen, she decided to check on Tiffany who is managing the on going renovation.


“Hey” She approach her girlfriend who always smile when she is being hugged from behind.


“I think they will finish at around 2 am. Is it okay with you? Or if you want you can go home, I’ll wait for them to finish”


“No worries. I will wait for you. If you need me, I will be at the kitchen”


“Are you going to bake?”


“yes. I will try a new recipe” Taeyeon replies


Tiffany is happy seeing how Taeyeon is slowly accepting some changes in her life and that is a good sign.



While Tiffany is supervising the renovation, Taeyeon makes herself busy preparing all the ingredient that she needs.


Steps by step Taeyeon carefully follow her mother’s recipe wishing to have the same taste like hers. When she’s done with the first one, she proceed making the second one

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