chapter 6

To let go or To hold on
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2 days after, the girls decided to gather in Taeyeon’s cafe. They just want to see the progress on the two.


“What are you all doing here?” Taeyeon ask as soon as they enter the cafe


“Visiting our friend and to have a drinks” Yuri replies


It was true, they are all craving for Taeyeon’s cookies.


“Taengoo, where is Tiffany?” Sunny suddenly ask when she can’t see her


Taeyeon furrow her brows upon hearing her name “She’s at the back taking a call”


The girls notice something is wrong with her with the way she talks. It’s like there is some jealousy and anger in her voice. That combination is very alarming.


Minutes later when all of them are waiting for their orders, Tiffany walks out of the kitchen with a smile on her face.


She saw Taeyeon making a lot of drinks. Taeyeon saw her and the smile on her face disappear


“Who called you? Are talking to that man? Is that why you need to go where I couldn’t here you” Taeyeon angrily tells her while she continues making drinks


Tiffany didn’t expect that sudden out burst from Taeyeon. Much more is that she didn’t expect Taeyeon to accuse her of cheating


“What are you talking about? Do you think I am cheating on you? Come on Tae. I am talking to my sister Michelle. She called me regarding my resignation” Tiffany answer her trying to be calm


Taeyeon didn’t anwer her back and she just look away


“You can even look at my phone record if that will make you believe me”


“I’m sorry” that is Taeyeon’s only reply whenever she loses arguement with her girlfriend


“Boo, what is really happening to you? You are not like this” Tiffany cupped her face so that she can see her eyes


“Can we talk about this later. Our friends are here” Tiffany then look behind her and she saw the girls looking at them


“Why didn’t you tell me that they’re here”


“You’re on the phone. How can I tell you that” Taeyeon slightly raise her voice and Tiffany finally loses her cool


“Are these the girls order?” Tiffany pointed at the drinks on the trays.




Tiffany pick up the tray and left her alone at the counter to serve their friends order.


It was a Sunday afternoon so there is not much of a customer coming. Tiffany serves their drinks and when she’s done Sooyoung grab her hand


“Fany, is there something going on with the two of you?”


Tiffany heaved a heavy sigh “She’s like very possessive and jealous and I don’t know what is happening to her. She won’t even tell me”


“That is not good” Sunny blurted and her friends knew what she’s talking about.


Taeyeon being like that is silently telling them that she is not okay or she is still not okay. It was also her silent cry telling them that she is scared of losing someone she loves


“What do you mean about that Sunny?” Tiffany curiously ask. Before any of her friends can answer, she felt an arm wrap around her waist. She knew it was Taeyeon


“Can we talk?” Taeyeon whisper to her but the girls also hear it


The girls told Tiffany to go and that they will look after the cafe for the meantime


Taeyeon brought her into her office. It was the first time that she let anyone inside her office


“Tae, tell me. What is really happening to you?”


“I’m sorry. i don’t know why I am like this either. I’m sorry,Fany-ah”


“Are you afraid that one day I will leave you again or you don’t trust me enough when I say that I am staying here for good”


“I’m scared. I am very scared, Fany-ah” Taeyeon suddenly raise her voice out of frustration while holding her head with both hands


Tiffany knew by then that Taeyeon is having an attacked


She places her hands on top of hers “tae, breath. Slowly”


Taeyeon is listening to her and her breathing is somehow becoming stabl tiffany forces taeyeon to look at her


“Taeyeon-ah, listen to me. You will not be alone again. I will never leave you again. You have to let yourself believe that because I am here now,Boo”


Tiffany then hug Taeyeon, rubbing her back to calm her down.


“Can I leave you for a minute? I need to ask the girls for your pill” Tiffany carefully ask Taeyeon so that she will not make the girl panic


Taeyeon understand that she needs to take that pill for her to be okay.


Tiffany run outside to their friends


“Give me Taeyeon’s pill” Tiffany is trying not to show them that she is panicking but the girls were startled by her


“What’s wrong with her?” Hyoyeon ask


“I’ll tell you later. Her pill please”


Yoona who is beside Tiffany went through her bag and handed her a bottle of Taeyeon’s pill


“Thanks Yoong”


Tiffany run back to Taeyeon’s office and gave her the pill that she immediately eat.


Tiffany waited for a few minutes before she talks to Taeyeon again.



“How are you?”


Taeyeon open her eyes to see her “Better. Thank you for staying with me”


“You don’t have to thank me. It’s my responsibility to help you. I love you so much that I will do anything for you”


“I love you” the two shared another kiss.



“Fany-ah, can you look after the cafe or you can close it early. I will sleep for a while, the pill is making me sleepy”


“Okay. Just call me if you need anything or if you are feeling something” Tiffany had to remind her that because she wants her to know that she is not alone anymore.



Before Tiffany left her, she make sure that Taeyeon is sleeping comfortably on the couch. She puts a blanket on her, adjust the aircon temperature and kiss her on the forehead “I love you boo”



The girls are waiting outside worried about Taeyeon’s frequent attacked.


“Fany-ah, how is she?” Sunny ask the moment she saw her steps out of the office.


“She’s fine now. She wants to sleep so I let her be” They could finally re

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