Chapter 14

To let go or To hold on
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3 months since Taeyeon disappear. Tiffany decided to manage the cafe. She wants Taeyeon to see that the business that she established before will not go in vain. For her, Pink Monster cafe is the legacy of their relationship that she still wanted to believe that they still have. 


Inside Taeyeon's office, Tiffany found a locked drawer. She looked around the office to see if the key is sitting somewhere. 


Under the pen holder she saw a small key that fits perfectly to the drawer. Her heart is pounding, what's inside the drawer is unknown to her and her friends too. 


Opening the drawer slowly agape. Inside are all her gifts to Taeyeon. From the letters, the photos and even their promise ring. Tiffany couldn't help but to cry once again. Seeing the things that Taeyeon values being left inside that drawer hurts her even more. 


Taeyeon just throw all her memories of Tiffany. The hate that they don't understand and the misunderstanding that she truly believes lead her to abandoning the memories she had of Tiffany. 


With hands shaking she pick it up, the gold ring. Taeyeon's gift, a promise of forever. As she continue crying, she took out her ring that was in her necklace. The necklace that her mom gave her before she passed away. Together with her necklace is the promise ring. 


She slide her ring to her right finger and Taeyeon's ring on her other finger. Tiffany doesn't want their promise to disappear just like how Taeyeon did. 


Tiffany continue to look inside the drawer and at the far end of the drawer is a small red box. She took it out and she couldn't help but to weep more. 


A diamond ring is inside the box. A pink diamond ring to be exact. They wanted to grow old with each that was their promise. 


Just like what she did to the gold ring, she slide it in her fight. Above her promise ring. She stare at it for a long time and started to cry Taeyeon's name over and over again. 



"Minho, what should we do? I feel bad for her. I know how much she misses Boss Taeyeon" Onew say. 


The 3 boys are outside the office listening to Tiffany crying. It was rarely for them to hear her cry like that because Tiffany never showed them how sad and hurt she is as time goes by. 


Minho sigh "There is nothing we can do for her. Time couldn't even heal her heart but it will just make her numb from the pain"


"She will never be okay until Boss Taeyeon return. It's like her heart and soul left when she disappear" Key replies. 


All that they could do is to let Tiffany cry her pain and hopefully she will feel better after. 


Sometimes all we need when everything is too much for us is to cry it out. Cry until there is no tears left to fall from your eyes. 


"Hi boys, where is Tiffany?" Sooyoung suddenly walk inside the cafe. She saw how the boys looks kinda sad when she enter the cafe "Are you all okay? Did something happens here?"


"No, but you just came in right in time. Boss Tiffany is crying inside the office.

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