Chapter 10

To let go or To hold on
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Christmas Eve.

It was not an occasion that Taeyeon is looking forward. It was an occasion that she wanted to forget.

Christmas is a nightmare for her.

The girls are also didn't celebrate Christmas after what happened. Their family understands and they will just have a lunch with their own family before going to the house that they agreed to stay to look after Taeyeon.


Taeyeon and Tiffany is still not in good terms. Taeyeon is avoiding her. Tiffany is not herself.


It was a mess as what their friends say.


The cafe is only open half day. Taeyeon would want to stay at her apartment until Christmas season is over.


"Are you joining the girls for later?" Tiffany ask hoping that they could celebrate Christmas together.


"I have to go somewhere. Maybe I could come by if I still have time" Taeyeon calmly answer her.


Tiffany could only sigh "How long will you keep avoiding me, Taeyeon?"


"I am not avoiding you"


"Then what do you think you're doing?" Tiffany cannot stand the way Taeyeon treats her. She's looking at her and she saw her chuckle "Do you think this is funny? Taeyeon"


Tiffany loses her cool seeing Taeyeon is not affected by what was going on with them. It feels like she's doing it on purpose.


Taeyeon is about to speak when her phone suddenly rings and she saw it what Michelle "Where not done yet Taeyeon"


"Michelle" Tiffany answer her phone that makes Taeyeon to walk away.


"Tiff, you have to go home. Dad wants to see you"


"Why? Michelle what is really going on?" Tiffany suddenly feels so scared.


"Dad is dying. Stage 4 brain cancer"


"So Nickhun is telling the truth. Why didn't you tell me about it?" Tiffany is feeling bad. She neglected her dad. She hated him. And now, she is losing her father.


"I ask Nickhun to personally tell you. I can't go to you, the company is having a hard time. Nick and I are helping each other to save the company that dad build. Tiff, I know you and dad are not in good terms, but as your sister, please go home"


The begging on Michelle's voice makes her not to think. The only person in her family that she trust and the only person that will never betray her.

"Okay. I'm coming home with him" Tiffany tells her sister before hanging up.


When she turn around she saw Taeyeon standing behind her. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to her what I should know" A cold and angry Taeyeon is in front of her that scared the hell out of her.


"Tae, let me explain" Tiffany says but Taeyeon has no intention of hearing whatever she is about to tell her.


Taeyeon switched off all the lights "Go home"


With a heavy heart, Tiffany follows and waited for Taeyeon outside. This is not how she expected to celebrate Christmas. She bought gifts for all her friends. She bought a special gift for Taeyeon but

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