chapter 1

To let go or To hold on
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Year 2017


It was their last year at the university. Only to 2 days away from their graduation.


They all decided to have a Friday night out. Their group of friends are very famous among the college students not just  because they all came from a very rich families but because of how wonderful they were as a person regardless of their status.


“Guys, I think we should do this Friday night out even after graduation” Tiffany suggested


“It think it’s a good idea. Let’s face it, after college we all know our parents will pressure us to take on their business. And we needed some time out” Sooyoung agrees


“Then let’s do it. Friday night is gonna be a girls night out. Let’s all meet here, same time, same place. Cheers!” Sunny proposes and they all cheers for that



They wanna value their friendship as much as they can. For their group, they bowed that no one is gonna be left behind and they all promised to be there for each other no matter what.


Taeyeon were oddly very quiet that night. It was not like her to be quiet whenever they are all together.


“Boo, are you okay? You seem to be very quiet?” Tiffany ask her girlfriend


“Yeah I’m fine. Just thinking” She replies then drink her beer


They all know that she wasn’t. in 2 days Tiffany will go back to her hometown in LA. And that will be the first time that she will be away from her.


“Tiffany how long are you gonna away?” Yuri ask who is now tipsy. Tiffany glared at her for reminding Taeyeon about that


“I will be away for 2 weeks. 3 weeks max”


Taeyeon knows it will be longer than that knowing her dad who still won’t approve their relationship and Tiffany won’t let her know the possibility


That night all she wanted to do is to temporary forget her fear and get drunk. She drink beer way pass her limit that worry her friends.


“Guys, let’s go home. Yuri and Hyoyeon are already drunk and we also need to stop Taeyeon from drinking” Sunny suggested



“Unnie, are you okay? Want me to help you with Taeyeon unnie?” Their youngest Seohyun offers


“No, it’s okay. I can handle her. Thanks Seo. Go home safely”



Tiffany brought Taeyeon to her apartment. When she was about to lay her down on the bed, Taeyeon suddenly started sobbing.


Tiffany has never see her like that before “Tae, why are you crying? Tell me what’s wrong”


Taeyeon curl up to her “I’m scared. I don’t want you to go. I’m scared that you wouldn’t come back to me. I know that you may not be coming back”


Tiffany hug her tight and cry with her “I will come home with you. I will always come home to you. I love you. That will never change”



Tiffany thought Taeyeon is okay with her going back home for a vacation. She thought that she fully understand her. But seeing her cry like that in her arms makes her think twice.





The graduation day is supposed to be a day to celebrate. A happy celebration because finally all their hard worked has finally payed off.


“Yah. Taeyeon can you smile for us a little” Mr.Kim told her because they can’t have a good family photo because Taeyeon won’t cooperate with them


Mrs.Kim knew the reason why she was like that “It’s okay honey. She will be just on a vacation and before you know it she’s back”


“It’s hard mom”


“I know and I also know that you can endure it. So let’s take some photo all together with Tiffany”  Taeyeon nodded and tried to smile



“Tiffany, can you come here for a moment” Mrs.Kim call her.


“Yes mom, why?” Tiffany treated her parents like her own. She even calls them mom and dad.


The Kim welcome her into their family with an open arms. They accepted their relationship without any doubt. For them Taeyeon’s happiness is what matter and most important to them. They will support her in whatever she wants in her life.



Tiffany is actually envy of them, she wish her family is like them too. She hope that they will accept her choices and she hope that they will accept Taeyeon into their family.



“Fany-ah, is this all you will bring?” They are now back in Tiffany’s apartment preparing her bags


Tiffany’s flight is later that night. After their graduation both of them decided to spend the rest of the day together.


Their friends and family understand that they needed to have some time alone.


“I told you I will be just gone for 2 weeks. I don’t need to bring a lot” They head outside, waiting for Tiffany’s dad to pick her up

They went to the playground they always spend time together just outside her apartment.


Taeyeon will always sits on the slide and Tiffany will sit on the swing just looking up to the sky and feeling the cold air touches them.




“Hmm” Taeyeon answer while looking up the sky


“I will be back. I promise. I will meet you her when I come back”


“Then I will always wait here for you til you come back. You said 2 weeks right? I can do that”


Tiffany cannot control her emotions anymore. She run to hug her tight while crying “Don’t cry. You said only 2 weeks. You crying like this makes me think that you will not be coming back”


“I’m gonna miss you. I will miss you, boo”


“Me too. Just keep our promise ring in our fingers so that whenever we miss each other, we can just simply look at it and it will remind us of our promise” Taeyeon says while trying to control her tears from falling


“When I come back let’s start our forever. Let’s start our forever by then”


“I love you, fany-ah”


“I love you, boo. I will never stop loving you”



One last time. That was what Taeyeon was thinking the moment Tiffany kiss her on the lips. A kiss that they didn’t what to break but the sound of the honk wakes them up and bring them into the reality of the possibility that I can be their last.



“That’s my dad” Tiffany sadly tell her


“Go now. I’ll meet you again her in 2 weeks. I will be waiting for you”


“I’ll call you as soon as I land. Bye Tae. I love you”

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