deranged (winrina)



After graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Yoo Jimin suddenly disappeared without a trace, and soon became forgotten by everyone. Meanwhile, Kim Minjeong became a powerful, well-known Auror.


However, five years later — Jimin came back to the scene, and as a Death Eater.



A/N: well, this oneshot's original main pairing is actually jinjoo (izone) but then i realized it kind of fit winrina so i gave it a try and converted it and boom! slay, it fits indeed. i hope it wont be a problem. please do tell me if theres an error from converting like names getting mixed up. ive been loving winrina's chemistry for a while now and im planning to write something for them soon. karina has always gave me this beautiful villainess vibe and well, her character here is inspired by bellatrix lestrange (my favvvv) so dont be surprised at the similarities. also, read the author's note thoroughly on the next one~


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