Byun Baekhyun: The film
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[CONTENTID2] Who's there? [/CONTENTID2]


Pen tumbles out of Baekhyun's hand. His mind stops processing after hearing what his manager just informed. She's here? Kang Yena is here? Why is she here?

"Mr. Byun," manager calls his name bringing him out of the trance. "She's so stubborn. I couldn't throw her out."

Baekhyun's eyes flew to the boys in his office. Sehun is still running the camera. "Cut the camera." He instructs. "That's it for today." He concentrates on the papers before turning to Kai, "come to the fan meet tomorrow."

Pointing at the manager Baekhyun says, "get the details from him. Now leave."

Manager looks at Baekhyun wearily and gives the details of the venue and time. "Be there in time." He says.

Kai and Sehun pack their things. Occasionally Kai tries to look at Baekhyun only to get caught by him. Zipping up the bags and Kai cross checks the room whether they left anything, he bows to Baekhyun, "Thank you for agreeing on doing this."

Baekhyun waves his hand shooing them away. Kai and Sehun take their leave and the manager is once again at it.

"What should I tell her? Let her come up?"

Baekhyun picks up the pen drawing random circles, lines and undefined shapes. "Since when is she waiting?"

"She must be one of the fans. One of the ten fans." Manager informs, "she was saying something around she can't come tomorrow and she came from a long distance."

Baekhyun hums. The random drawings are slowly taking a shape, "why?" He mumbles to himself, "why are you here?"

Sipping on the whisky, his eyes droop down. Tired. "Send her away." He slams the pen on the table, jerking his chair from the picture. Rough sketch of Kang Yena, the mole under her left eye, soft cheeks, and beautiful thin lips. Everything he loved, loves in her is sitting on the paper, birthed out from his own hands.

His fingers trace her picture longingly. Getting up from the chair abruptly that the chair falls on the ground with a resonating thud. He scrambles to the stairs.

Baekhyun takes two steps at a time down the stairs. His vision blurs from the heavy and speed movements, holding onto the steel railing he steadies himself. Closing his eyes he shakes his head trying to wipe out the dizziness. His throat parches, his heart and mind screaming to quench this thirst.

"Yena," he whispers. Going down the remaining stairs he rushes to the lobby even if his ankles twist and the pain makes him limp.

Reaching the lobby, Baekhyun breathes heavily leaning on the wall. Massaging his twisted ankle shutting his eyes in pain he takes a deep breath.

Two men are removing the banner of the postponed fan sign. Receptionist is standing at the desk with her hands one on another in respectable form. Baekhyun limps his way to the desk.

his dry lips he holds the wooden desk, "Yena," he heaves closing his eyes in pain when he accidentally puts weight on injured leg, "Kang Yena. Where is she?"

Receptionist blinks at him. "Kang Yena?" She points at the entrance door, "she just left."

Baekhyun snaps his head to the entrance. A girl is walking away, looking around the garden. Squinting his eyes he tries to catch a glimpse of her face.

He strides to the entrance door, groaning in pain. Standing at the door he watches her. The girl who is his first thought and last thought of the day. The girl who is residing in his heart, the very heart she broke into pieces and he is still searching for the pieces. The girl to whom he is still singing every single song.

Why do we love the one who hurt us the most?

Baekhyun holds on to the wooden sill, slowly leaning on it. Easing the weight on his hurt leg. His heart rages in fire seeing her, rages in love, pain and betrayal. He isn't able to differentiate what's he feeling the most. Love or pain?

He walks towards her. Tiny steps yet getting closer. His palms start to sweat, heart palpitates. His steps feel heavier, heavier than the pain he is carrying in his heart.

Few more steps. She is within reach. His dream is within reach. Her floral dress, soft brown hair flying along with the breeze, pulling Baekhyun into the whirl of memories. The dates they went to, cheap dates because he couldn’t afford restaurants. The nights they spent together. The songs he had written for her. Her smiles when he played those songs.

The bitter memories curl around the happy memories shattering his momentary happiness. The bliss. Remembering what happened that day, Baekhyun's fingers form a fist. His nails pierce into his palm passing a subtle pain. But Baekhyun is accustomed to pain worse than a merely bleeding palm. Nothing wins a broken heart. Not even death.

Yena pauses, talking to a boy. Baekhyun squint his eyes to get a good look at him. From the way he dressed, a branded tee and similar jeans Kai had worn, he must not be older than Baekhyun. Yena curls her hair behind  her ear shyly. Smiling at the boy and nodding in response. The boy is delighted from the reactions he is getting. The wide grin on his face and closing the gap between them tells how much he wants to her.

Baekhyun covers his lips with his hand, watching the event unfolding. He chuckles, rubbing his temples. The low chuckle turns into a laugh. “Few things never change.”

Yena walks away and the boy stands rooted in his place watching her leave. The excited grin completely wiped off his face and his shoulders slouched. Baekhyun sees himself in the boy. Standing helplessly but with a lot more history compared to his measly five minutes interaction. Baekhyun stood helplessly then and helplessly now. The only difference is he was not intoxicated then but intoxicated now.

The boy takes small steps towards the office building now that Yena left. Seeing his boss standing in the way with blood on his lips, he stops. “Sir, your.” He signals towards Baekhyun’s lips.

“You are fired.” Baekhyun spits out venomously. “Pack your things and leave.”

Not listening to the overflowing whys from the boy Baekhyun leaves. The receptionist’s jaw drops seeing the blood on Baekhyun’s lips. Before she can ask or arrange for a first aid kit Baekhyun leaves. With the limping leg he climbs the five floors and shuts himself in his office.

Tearing the curtain cloth Baekhyun wraps the shredded cloth around his bleeding palm. Sitting on the floor with his black guitar Baekhyun plays it. Humming a tune to the music from the guitar, he spends the entire day drowning in music, whisky, visiting the old memories and reopening the old wound. He played the guitar until his fingers bled, until his screams toned down.


Baekhyun winces while holding the pen. His fingers still hurt from yesterday's scars. Heaving a heavy sigh he holds the steel whisky bottle with his both palms and takes a swig. His inner demons calms down when the liquid flows in.

"Here comes the second one," his manager announces from the door.

Kai and Sehun are already here, shooting the bits of fansign. The camera is facing Baekhyun so that the back of fans is only visible on the camera.

Baekhyun shrugs his black leather jacket down his shoulders letting some air flow in. Pulling the neck of his black tee with teenage girls print on, he blows air into the neck of his tee.

"I love you," the girl cries. Tears rolling down her eyes, runny nose and incomprehensible words coming out of her words.

Baekhyun taps the pen on his left hand watching her. "CD?"

The girl wails, her cries resonating in the room. Baekhyun closes his ear, wincing at the loud cries of his fangirl.

"Marry me, please." She weeps.

Sehun snickers from the corner of the room enjoying watching Baekhyun handle the cries of his fans.

Baekhyun snatches the CD from her hands. Signing on it. A whisky bottle is placed on top of the CD.

Baekhyun looks up. His hand wrapping around the bottle, accepting it in a second. 

"I love you Baekhyun," she repeats.

Baekhyun nods. 

"I really love you."

Baekhyun's lips form a thin line and he nods again.

"You know I love you right?"

Sehun laughs loudly while holding his stomach.

Baekhyun throws the cap of his pen onto Sehun growling, "shut up."

"Baekhyun," she calls his name.

Baekhyun grunts.

"Marry me please." She begs.


"I gave you your favourite whisky." She exclaims tapping on the whisky bottle Baekhyun is holding.

"One whisky bottle and I should marry you?" Baekhyun gives an incredulous look at her. "Are you mad?"

The girl sniffles rubbing her nose with her sweater sleeve, "I'm madly in love with you."

A loud thud resonates the room along with a prolonged groan. Sehun is on the floor and Kai is holding the camera equipment from falling.

Sehun picks himself up, dusting his shirt and jeans, he glances at the singer and his fan. He bursts out laughing seeing the annoyance written on Baekhyun's face.

"Time is up." The manager announces.

Baekhyun never felt more relieved than now. Handing the crying girl her CD he patiently waits for her to leave. So patiently that he keeps his hands to himself just in case he gets irritated and throws anything at her.

Once the girl leaves the room Baekhyun heaves a sigh and rubs his temples. A dull pound aching his head.

"Third fan." Manager announces.

"Seven more." Baekhyun mutters to himself and waits for the girl to arrive.

He never thought having a fan sign would end up in his favor. Almost in his favor. The third fan also gives him whisky. But a cheap brand. Nevertheless Baekhyun just needs the alcohol-- cheap or branded one.

The fourth one, a little braver fan, gives him a bottle and bares her neck. Asking him to reiterate that day. Baekhyun is lost. What day? She recounts the day he took the bottle and kissed her neck.

The start of fans giving him whisky as a gift. Then it dawns. Baekhyun understands why people are giving him alcohol. Just to get a kiss out of him.

He laughs for a good five minutes. Mumbling how crazy people are. In the end he accepts the alcohol but doesn't kiss them in return.

"Ninth fan." Manager tiredly announces and is a little annoyed with fans hiding the bottles God knows where. 

Baekhyun blows on his fingers in hopes of suppressing the pain. Holding a pen alone is hard and signing is almost killing him. Baekhyun jumps in his seat when the girl, ninth fan, slams papers on the table instead of politely giving him the CD. Or alcohol.

Baekhyun glares at the girl, "what the ." He growls.

"Yes," she grits her teeth. "What the ."

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