Byun Baekhyun: The film
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Security holds the temporary barricade firmly, making sure they don't come out of their sockets. Fans leap forward every passing second, falling onto the barricade. Security struggles to hold the barricade and move the fans a little bit farther from the stage. Additional security joins in stopping the barricade from falling and not letting roaring fans crowd around the stage.


Loud cheers fill the college ground at nine in the evening. As if the entire universe is also waiting to see the rockstar's performance, the night sky is filled with a crescent moon and tiny stars surrounding it.

Posters of a singer are flailing in the wind at every nook and corner of ground. Light concert on 26th Aug 1994 8:00 PM written in bold characters on each.

"Where the hell is he?" Event manager shouts at his assistant. Walking around the backstage inhaling his sixth cigarette stick. "I paid him a million." He takes in a long drag from the stick, "A ing million."

"He's-he's on the way, sir," his assistant answers, holding his breath trying not to inhale the smoke. "They are around the turning in the street. Five minutes max."

The event manager scratches his tummy looking over the girls going crazy singing rockstar's latest song. "I don't understand these teenagers," he taps the cigar onto the metal rod, "they are crying over him? What's so special about him?"

Security guards order people to clear the way. "Mr.Byun arrived at the venue."

Staff is quick in their movements. Checking and rechecking everything. The path from the gate to backstage is cleared, security lining up to make sure no random fan can jump on the rockstar. Or haters.

Cars line up, indicating the arrival of the superstar of the night. Car door slides open and a whisky bottle topples down spilling the drink onto the ground.

A hand grips the door, knuckles white from the pressure. A man stumbles on his feet getting down from the car. Holding the door he regains his composure. Shirt slides down his shoulder, milky white skin filled with a tiny sunflower tattoo peek out.

Kicking the whisky bottle out of his way he follows the guard. He rolls his neck, confident steps yet his ankle twists twice. Playing with his rings, enjoying the screams of his name, he smirks.

His manager is reciting the setlist of the songs for the night. Closing his ear in annoyance from the constant chirping of his manager, he switches his direction. Not following the designated path, he jumps over the barrier. Into the fans.

Fans mob over him. Crying, screaming, chanting his name. Begging to look at them. His fingers twitch, searching his front and back pant pockets. Sweat trickles down his forehead, his hands shivering. The screams from his fans drowns the screams inside his heart. A bit. But his inner cries get louder and louder.

Security is quicker in bringing the situation under control. As if they are used to this. In a few minutes there's a circle of security guards surrounding him creating a protective bubble.

A fan barges in holding onto the rockstar's barely hanging shirt professing her love. Security drags her away. Her hands hold the shirt tightly like it's an anchor but tears it when security successfully throws her out.

Discarding his half torn shirt he quickened his pace seeing a whisky bottle hidden behind his drummer on the stage.

Jumping onto the stage he snatches the bottle from his crew and chugs down the contents. Focus light falls onto his lean figure. His skin shines under the light, his tattoos flex when he turns his back to the crowd.

If the crowd was roaring earlier, now they are thundering. Completing the entire bottle he throws it away. Closing his eyes in ecstasy, his inner cries are satiated. Listening to people screaming his name he sighs in content. The fire in his heart almost dies down.

Taking his electric guitar he walks to the mic stand in the middle of the stage. Under the focus light, the dragon spitting fire tattoo on his chest he shines. Like a star. He strikes the guitar chords.

"Byun Baekhyun." He announces.

The entire college ground fills with screams, placards of Baekhyun's photo hailing in the air. Journalists snapping pictures of Baekhyun.

Baekhyun spreads his arms like wings, tilting his head towards the sky taking in a deep breath. The dragon tattoo, its tail starting on his back trailing its body to his chest.

Strumming his guitar, Baekhyun leans into the mic snapping his red eyes open. Singing the first song of the setlist the show starts.

Baekhyun sings his tracks, slurring the s' and p's in the lyrics. Fingers missing the string and playing the wrong string. Squinting his eyes at the strong light falling on him.

Mid of his tracklist the center light focuses on the fans. Baekhyun relaxes his eyes looking over at his fans dancing and mouthing along the lyrics.

His heart wells up seeing people singing to his songs. Isn't this what he wanted all his life? To sing. But why doesn't it make his heart happy as he thought it would. Why there's a hollow between him and his achieved dreams? Why can't he touch his happiness?

Baekhyun laughs at himself. The stage, fans, noise, his music going out of focus. He watches his fingers strum the electric guitar as if it's on automatic mode. Like he is programmed. Programmed to perform.

His legs stumble, balancing himself holding the mic stand he stands straighter. His senses heightens at the sudden tripping over wires.

Looking over the crowd where the focus light is aimed his heart stops beating for a second. Hands falling to his side.

"This can't be," he mutters. Crowd goes pindrop silent. For a college ground filled with screams, drums, bass, and music, silence feels weird.

The center light fades away, refocusing on Baekhyun. Baekhyun opens another alcohol bottle hidden among the water bottles arranged on the stage.

Gulping down the liquid he throws it to his side. His inner screams tone down once the liquid registers in his body.

"People tell," he starts. His band stops playing the instruments with tired sighs. Baekhyun continues, "you crap. That there's a light at the end of the dark tunnel." His grip tightens on the mic if not he'll fall into an endless pit. "There's hope. There's sunlight. There's sunshine." He lets out a maniacal laughter. "Shut the up," he growls.

He plucks out the mic from the stand. Taking slow strides, he searches the crowd where the light was last focused on. "There's no hope. Once you tripped into a pit there's no coming back up."

His eyes search around for one face that's been haunting him. "What do we say when someone starts crapping?" He asks.

He aims his mic at the crowd. All in unison shouts, " you."

Baekhyun grins, "good."

The journalists' cameras flashes garnering Baekhyun's attention. He tilts his head down, smirking. " you."

The journalist drops the camera with his mouth wide open. Grinning in satisfaction, Baekhyun jumps down the stage. Strolling around the stands letting his fans touch him he resumes singing.

In the thousands he is searching for her. She's not here. She can't be here. She will never be here. Not after what she has done to him. If she's here, shameless falls short in meaning next to her.

"Baekhyun!" a girl screams, shaking his favourite whisky bottle.

Baekhyun steers his direction towards her.

She hides the bottle once he arrives. Taking out a marker, "sign here first." She pulls her dress sleeve down her shoulder baring her neck.

He takes her pen and signs his autograph on her skin. Looking up through his eye lashes a tiny smirk playing on his lips, he leans in kissing her collarbone. "There," he whispers, snatching the bottle from the frozen girl.

Uncapping the whisky bottle, missing few lines in the song he takes a swig. His legs start swaying, his voice slurring and missing a few words while singing.

Walking through the crowd momentarily forgetting to sing he looks around. Security is trying hard to keep fans from touching him, going near him. Baekhyun's ears fill with his inner screams rather than the cries from the girls who are tearing their vocal chords.

Struggling through the crowd his legs pauses, standing rooted. The bottle from his hand slips. Mouth parting, he stares at the woman standing in front of him. Rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands he looks at her. Making sure she isn't a fragment of his imagination or worse his nightmare.

Kang Yena is standing in front of him. Her hair flows lightly along the breeze. Unreadable black eyes staring at him. Baekhyun falls to his knees.

He shakes his head once, and twice. He laughs at his foolishness. He notices her still standing in front of him instead of running away. His fists curls, gritting his teeth he stands up with help of a security guard.

Yena doesn't blink or avert

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